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Joined: 30 May 2008
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:09 am   

Ugly sight! Distraught 80yo woman with major CMud problems.
Preferences for Module:
-->Scripting--Special Characters

This is my problem: [err one of my problems]

Focus Char: [blank] Movement Char: [blank]

I am unable to either add or remove the 'ticks' in these boxes.
All the other boxes have the proper chars in them/all enabled.

My character in my lpmud game no longer travels on the mapper.
I simply can no longer put up with this strange behavior. My un-techy
brain keeps telling me that it might be the Movement Char as it's always been ticked prior to these problems. The Focus Char was and always had been unticked so it wouldn't interfere with the chat channel.

I have tried everything immagineable the last three months: getting new CMUD334s, removing and trashing everything, starting all over about one hundred times, but I have no desire to become a real techy. I have played this lpmud for twenty years, have reached the age of eighty and THOUGHT I would be mudding right up until the end. The right of all old ladies? Well.

Can anyone help this not-a-techy? Shall I assume that absolutely everything is corrupted? Should I dump everything on my computer relating to these chars as well as all related note/document files. I must have started about a zillion chars and begun again with all the old ones too, hoping that I would trip over the answer.

Vijilante helped me about eight years ago, but even I don't have the nerve to ask for his help again. He did a wonderful job of explaining, etc., for me. I cannot steal him from this site though--and wouldn't if I could.

Waiting to be rescued . . . not patiently, but waiting
Thanks to anyone who might be tempted . . .
I am rather eclectic with my game/filing/etc. I don't use classes (too hard for me to understand at the time) and now I just close my eyes so as not to see what a mess I made of that . . . and then finally my biggest fear of all
SHALIMAR who could possibly holler at me to SHOW him right here what happened when things went wrong . . .

HELP! You all have been warned!
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Joined: 04 Aug 2002
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:04 am   
Vijilante sometimes still frequents these forums occasionally, try sending him a PM.
And if I have even hollered at you in the past I do apologize.

Any note files you have (.txt .doc etc) would have no bearing on CMUD, though I would suggest you back those files up somewhere (external hard drive or cloud services), just in case you do ever experience a hardware failure.
The only crucial files for any given session are the .pkg and the .dbm files, I would update those regularly as well.

Moving the other files (config .xly .zfg .tbz) may correct the issue you are having, as they should just recreate themselves the next time you open CMUD.
If it does, don't forget to delete the moved versions afterward.

If it is a corruption issue, there is a way to save some of your settings.
Within the settings window, under the File Menu, there is an option to Export XML (All).
That will convert your triggers and aliases and whatnot into a .xml file.
You would then close out CMUD and open the File Explorer.
Navigate to the folder where your information is stored (defaults to Documents/My Games/CMUD/<sessionName>) and then either move or rename the .pkg of the same name.
When you then reopen CMUD, it will create a new, blank .pkg file.
Go back into the Settings Window, under the File Menu, and this time chose Import XML.
Navigate to where you saved the .xml file earlier if it doesn't have you there already, and open it.
That should be all you need to do in the event of corruption.

Outside of that, I can only think it might be an issue specific to that one game, which could be verified by someone else trying to connect to that game with CMUD.
Windows 10 Home Premium 64-bit
AMD Phenom II x6 1055T 2.8GHz 16GB
CMUD Pro v3.34
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Joined: 30 May 2008
Posts: 12
Location: South Carolina

PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:14 am   
You are so quick to respond! Thank you so much.

You have never ever hollered at me (I'm a big tease!), but you and Vijilante should both get a medal. I know how lacking I am and I know how smart all these youngsters are. I'm not only in awe of you gurus, but these young people are more than knowledgeable.

What you have told me is exactly what I needed. I've been doing some of these things (over 3 months and lots of exhaustion). I needed someone to give me direction, etc., and also, I do have trouble with the lingo and your explanations were couched in words I understood. After almost 20 years one would think I could pull it together! I'll be working on all that you mentioned for the next few months :) I shall not return unless I can do it and then only to cheer and thank you for your kind heart. It will feel good to work on this with the direction of an expert so that I shall feel less hopeless.

'Hi' to Vijilante should you see him. I'll try to remember to send him a note too.

BTW, Chiara contacted me after she and hubby recently returned from a vacation. She told me that 10 years or so ago that they had moved to Northern Virginia which is where I'd lived and worked, went to the mountains for about 15 years and now to South Carolina. She's a very lovely, thoughtful woman.
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