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Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL) Capture Script v2.00 (zMud 7.21)
Dark and Shattered Lands

This is a simple Capture script built by Drax that is tailored for Dark and Shattered Lands but you could easily
dismantle it and apply it to your own game as well. The script funnels different captures into a second window
and separates them into different tabs: one for Toasts (pk deaths) one for Group (anything that occurs directly
with your character including the group channel), and another tab for all other Channels in the game.

Note: you might have to drag the tabs together and place them into the window of your choosing. I've included
a screenshot for you to see that shows the main window on the left, and my capture tabs in the window to the right.


1) Copy the below provided script code into a notepad txt file.
2) Settings --> Import --> Script (ASCII) --> then select above file
3) Voila

#CLASS {Capture v2}
#TRIGGER {^You tell} {#CAP Group}
#TRIGGER {{[Newbie]|Bloodbath|~(Thaxanos~)|~(Shalonesti~)|shouts|yells|ask|answer|auction|quest|gossip|Kingdom|OOC|clan|oclan|grat|broadcast from}{s: |: |s | }['(]} {#CAP Channels}
#TRIGGER {{got offed by|got killed by|got toasted by|got RAMPAGED by|got ROCKED by|got ***DESTROYED*** by}} {#CAP Toasts}
#TRIGGER {tells {the group|you|says} ['(]} {#CAP Group}
#TRIGGER {^You say} {#CAP Group}
Dark and Shattered Lands
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