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Trace Thaggard

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:48 am   

Auto-Panner for miners in Akanbar
#CLASS {Akanbar Auto-Panner}
#TRIGGER {You have recovered balance.} {#gag;pan gold}
#TRIGGER {You can only pan for gold in streambeds.} {#gag}
#TRIGGER {You decant the contents of your pan into a small} {ex pan;exchange gold}
#TRIGGER {exchange its contents for money at a shop.} {#gag}
#TRIGGER {There is insufficient space in your pan to pan further gold,} {ex pan;pan gold}
#TRIGGER {it while shaking its contents. A miner's pan is empty. The bottom of the pan} {#gag}
#TRIGGER {its rim directly opposite each other, perhaps to assist its user in gripping} {#gag}
#TRIGGER {You run your eye over a miner's pan.} {#gag}
#TRIGGER {This large metal pan is shaped like a truncated conical cylinder, with mildly} {#gag}
#TRIGGER {inclining sides and a flat bottom. Two loops of wire have been attached to} {#gag}
#TRIGGER {pan gold} {#gag}
#TRIGGER {(*)/(*)h (*)/(*)m (*)xp} {#gag}
#TRIGGER {You scoop up water and gravel in your pan and swirl it around, but after the} {#gag}
#TRIGGER {sides. Before long only a handful of glittering sediment remains at the} {#gag}
#TRIGGER {bottom of the pan.} {#gag}
#TRIGGER {around vigorously so that the greater part of the mud is washed over the} {#gag}
#TRIGGER {debris has been washed away your pan remains empty.} {#gag}
#TRIGGER {You scoop up a sizeable amount of gravel and water in your pan, swirling it} {#gag}

Note: This script was made for use with the PROMPT EXPERIENCE option but could be easily tailored for the other kinds. To use this script as is, simply enter the command mentioned in this note.
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