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Discworld: Buxom Winch quest solver
This script will solve the final portion of the buxom winch quest on the Discworld mud. It bruteforces the portcullis combination.

To start, simply enable the class and type "winch". Note that this is very spammy, and as such, the script stops every time it figures out one of the combinations and needs to be resumed again by invoking the winch alias. If, for whatever reason, you need to start over, "winchreset" will reset the script. You should also probably run winchreset after importing this script.

Only tested with zmud.

#CLASS {quest|buxom}
#ALIAS winch {~push 1 1;#var row 1;#var col 1;#var status 1}
#ALIAS winchreset {#var status 1;#var progress 1;#var winchstr "";#var col 1;#var row 1}
#VAR winchstr {push 6 3|push 5 12|push 6 5|push 5 14|push 6 7}
#VAR row {1} {1}
#VAR col {1} {1}
#VAR progress {6}
#VAR status {2}
#REGEX "winchtrig" {^(The portcullis resolutely refuses to move\.|The portcullis slams shut with a resounding clang that echoes around the harbour\!)} {#if {@row = 10} {#var row 0;#add col 1};#add row 1;#forall @winchstr {%i};#send {push @row @col};#var status 1}
#REGEX {^(The portcullis to the south opens|The ropes and chains strain for a moment before the mechanism of the winch winds|There is a horrible creak and the |The portcullis to the south shudders)} {#if {@status=@progress} {#ADDITEM winchstr {push @row @col};#add progress 1} {#add status 1}}
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