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PostPosted: Fri Nov 05, 2004 7:30 am   

New linux server
On 15-Oct-2004 the WinNT server hosted at was destroyed by a trojan horse and hacker attack. The site has now been fully transferred to this new linux server hosted at
My special thanks goes to Dale at who has spent much of the weekend setting up this new server for us.

This will be the new home of both and If you find any problem with the site, please post to the forums.

The web-based ordering system is still down. If you want to purchase zMUD, AC Explorer, or other Zuggsoft products, please download the program, run it, and select the Buy Now option in the startup trial screen. The web-site order page on this site will be down until I can convert the old ASP scripts into PHP.

Edited:The Paypal ordering backend system should be working again now. If you make an order via PayPal and do not receive your reg code in email, please contact me at

Thanks for your understanding and patience.
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