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PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 9:20 am   

Simplistic Random Color Chatter
Ok, here is a very simple random color chatting alias. It is designed for being able to be uses on any channel you wish.

NOTES: The ampersand is the color escape character on the mud I wrote this for, with simple letter codes for each color. Edit to reflect your mud (ie. replace & with { if { is your escape character, and replace M with x32 if x32 is bright magenta on your mud!). Also &n is the closing code for colors, returning color to "normal" to prevent color bleed!


#ALIAS rcc {%1 ~&%item( y|c|m|w|g|Y|C|M|W|G|B|R, %random( 1, 12))%-2~&n}
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, 2006 4:36 am   cool
That's neat, I used what you had there, and mixed it with what I read Here to come up with this.

This one is like yours, but changes the color randomly on each letter individually.


#ALIAS RCC {%1 @colorit("%-2")}


#FUNCTION colorit {%subregex( %-1, (\w), "%insert ( %item(~%~^RED~%~^|~%~^GREEN~%~^|~%~^BLUE~%~^|~%~^YELLOW~%~^|~%~^CYAN~%~^|~%~^MAGENTA~%~^|~%~^BOLD~%~^~%~^BLACK~%~^|~%~^BOLD~%~^~%~^RED~%~^|~%~^BOLD~%~^~%~^GREEN~%~^|~%~^BOLD~%~^~%~^BLUE~%~^|~%~^BOLD~%~^~%~^YELLOW~%~^|~%~^BOLD~%~^~%~^CYAN~%~^|~%~^BOLD~%~^~%~^MAGENTA~%~^|~%~^BOLD~%~^, %random( 1, 14)), %%1, 1)")}

My mud's color codes are like %^BLUE%^, or %^BOLD%^%^GREEN%^ etc so this looks pretty messy, but like yours those can be changed to fit your mud. Also mine doesn't seem to like commas in the string that it parses, anyone have any suggestions on how to fix that?
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