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PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2006 5:30 am   

Multiple Map Markers - Map Wish List
(Whoops, this was supposed to go into the Map Wish List)

I'd like to see the ability to have multiple map markers.

One (blue) to show which room you are currently in, and one to show which room you are in accoring to the directions that you have sent to the mud.

Basically this is a mix of 'Slow' and 'Fast' map mode walking.

The blue marker would only update your room when it recieves valid movement strings from the mud, while the other marker (red?) would be updated as soon as you sent a direction to the mud.

Basically this will allow players to know exactly where they are on the mud in the middle of a speed walk.

I know that using SLOW for this would do, but in my experience this isn't very good because it's easy to forget just 'which' room you're headed to, so you have to wait until you get there to figure out what commands you'd like to queue.

Like wise if you use FAST mode, you know where you're going and you can queue anything you want, however if you decided to abort your speed walk half way (maybe you've passed something along the way that interests you), you have to synchronize your zmud map with the mud. (This can be done either manually or via scripts, but it's still a hassle)

There can of course be more then two markers available for personal scripting. Some muds offer adacent room descriptions... these custom markers can be used within scripts to make use of this information.

For example, if you're tracking a target, cmud will have the ability to show where the target is and where you are on the map via different coloured markers and some custom scripting.

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