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PostPosted: Mon Jun 28, 2004 8:54 pm   

Problems updating the zExplorer places database
Hi, I just bought the zExplorer software and it looks good. A nice little improvement over the original ACExplorer that I used extensively last time I played AC.

Problem is I can't in any way get it to update the places.mdb file.
I've checked the ACSpedia site and followed the brief instructions there. I get the special ACSpedia version of AC and can select it at startup.

When updating I get a fresh update.xml file containing all the new nice locations missing from the zExplorer places.mdb but it will not merge these new locations into the database!

Have I missed something obvious?

My little test case is the "new" town of Candeth Keep. This town is in the update.xml file but it will not turn up in the places.mdb file. I've checked around in the database and it doesn't look like it contains any entries newer then from the olthoi story arc.

Isn't zExplorer supposed to merge the entries from update.xml into the places.mdb file on update?

Using version 4.16a

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 29, 2004 5:51 am   
Look through the other posts in this forum. I seem to recall someone posting a problem with zExplorer and the XML file format used by AC Spedia. I don't remember if there was a fix or not.

Remember that zExplorer isn't really intended for use on AC1. AC Spedia doesn't support any of the new live updating features of zExplorer, and since zExplorer does not have the Tracking and Terrain Path Finding for AC1 that AC Explorer does, you are really losing feature, not gaining them.
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