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PostPosted: Sat Jun 12, 2004 5:37 am   

Status bars for the status window
This scipt will add a guage to the status window incase you like that kind of stuff.

Please note that it will not work without this script by
Charbal: Charbal's Status Window Extender

As with his it works the same way

say you want to watch you hp
addbar|big|med|small name row colum identifier variable(without the @)
addbarbig health 1 1 HP: hp

This would create a big bar in the window and may need to be ajusted for best results.
this will create it on the first line and in the first row follow Charbal's examples to see better explanation of rows and colums.
This example will make a new var named
barbighp and set the script to @hp and @maxhp
please note that this program assumes you MAX is set as maxhp or what ever your tring to do.
so if your varibles for you healt or what ever your watching are not using regular and max then you need to do so to make this work.

another example:
addbarmed magic 2 1 %ansi(high,yellow)Ma: ma

will give me a med sized bar on the second row colum 1
will have a Ma in front of the bar.

rembar is what i use to take it away if you mess up

rembar health
rembar magic

copy and past everything between the lines.
import or just place in command line.


#CLASS {Guage}
#ALIAS addbarbig {#var barbig%5 {"%if(%abs(@%5*10/@max%5)<2,%ansi(12,15)%repeat("%char(34)%char(32)%char(34)",(20 * @%5)/@max%5)%ansi(0,12)%repeat("%char(34)%char(32)%char(34)",(20 - ((20 * @%5)/@max%5)))%ansi(blue,black)@%5,%ansi(black,cyan)%repeat("%char(34)%char(32)%char(34)",(20 * @%5)/@max%5)%ansi(black,red)%repeat("%char(34)%char(32)%char(34)",(20 - ((20 * @%5)/@max%5)))%ansi(blue,black)@%5)"};Addtext %1 %2 %3 %4@barbig%5}
#ALIAS addbarmed {#var barmed%5 {"%if(%abs(@%5*10/@max%5)<2,%ansi(12,15)%repeat("%char(34)%char(32)%char(34)",(10 * @%5)/@max%5)%ansi(0,12)%repeat("%char(34)%char(32)%char(34)",(10 - ((10 * @%5)/@max%5)))%ansi(blue,black)@%5,%ansi(black,cyan)%repeat("%char(34)%char(32)%char(34)",(10 * @%5)/@max%5)%ansi(black,red)%repeat("%char(34)%char(32)%char(34)",(10 - ((10 * @%5)/@max%5)))%ansi(blue,black)@%5)"};Addtext %1 %2 %3 %4@barmed%5}
#ALIAS addbarsmall {#var barsmall%5 {"%if(%abs(@%5*10/@max%5)=1,%ansi(12,15)%repeat("%char(34)%char(32)%char(34)",(5 * @%5)/@max%5)%ansi(0,12)%repeat("%char(34)%char(32)%char(34)",(5 - ((5 * @%5)/@max%5)))%ansi(blue,black)@%5,%ansi(black,cyan)%repeat("%char(34)%char(32)%char(34)",(5 * @%5)/@max%5)%ansi(black,red)%repeat("%char(34)%char(32)%char(34)",(5 - ((5 * @%5)/@max%5)))%ansi(blue,black)@%5)"};Addtext %1 %2 %3 %4@barsmall%5}
#ALIAS rembar {remtext %1}
#VAR OriginalSciptUsed {"%ansi(black,cyan)%repeat( "%char(34)%char(32)%char(34)", (20 * @hp)/@maxhp)%ansi(black,red)%repeat( "%char(34)%char(32)%char(34)", (20 - ((20 * @hp)/@maxhp)))%ansi(blue,black)@hp"}

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