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PostPosted: Fri Dec 12, 2003 8:17 pm   

Genesis Container Script
It seems the container scripts posted here are pretty MUD specific.
Here's one I use on Genesis. It's a bit different than all the
ones previously posted. To be more specific:

- Genesis stacks everything, so there is no need for the
%countlist function.

- Sometimes you see the number spelled out (two), and sometimes
it's a number (2).

- If you have a lot of one item, you can no longer count them by
looking at them, so you just see "many," or "a huge heap" of

Here's the script:

#CLASS {Containers}
#VAR contents {}
#VAR cardnums {one|two|three|four|five|six|seven|eight|nine|ten|eleven|twelve|thirteen|fourteen|fifteen|sixteen|seventeen|eighteen|nineteen|twenty|twenty-one|twenty-two|twenty-three|twenty-four|twenty-five|twenty-six|twenty-seven|twenty-eight|twenty-nine|thirty|thirty-one|thirty-two|thirty-three|thirty-four|thirty-five|thirty-six|thirty-seven|thirty-eight|thirty-nine|forty|forty-one|forty-two|forty-three|forty-four|forty-five|forty-six|forty-seven|forty-eight|forty-nine|fifty|fifty-one|fifty-two|fifty-three|fifty-four|fifty-five|fifty-six|fifty-seven|fifty-eight|fifty-nine|sixty|sixty-one|sixty-two|sixty-three|sixty-four|sixty-five|sixty-six|sixty-seven|sixty-eight|sixty-nine|seventy|seventy-one|seventy-two|seventy-three|seventy-four|seventy-five|seventy-six|seventy-seven|seventy-eight|seventy-nine|eighty|eighty-one|eighty-two|eighty-three|eighty-four|eighty-five|eighty-six|eighty-seven|eighty-eight|eighty-nine|ninety|ninety-one|ninety-two|ninety-three|ninety-four|ninety-five|ninety-six|ninety-seven|ninety-eight|ninety-nine|one hundred}
#TRIGGER {^The (*) contains (*).$} {
  #VAR contents {%2}
  #VAR contents {%subregex( %subregex( %subregex( @contents, "^a |^an ", "1 "), ", an |, a | and a | and an ", "|1 "), ", | and ", "|")}
  #VAR contents {%replace( %replace( @contents, "many ", "Many "), "1 huge heap of ", "A huge heap of ")}
  #SUB {The %1 contains:}
  #FOR @contents {#IF {%ismember( %word( %i, 1), @cardnums)} {#SH {%ismember( %word( %i, 1), @cardnums) %trim( %remove( %word( %i, 1), %i))}} {#SH %i}}
  #SH %cr

This will change:

The leather pouch containing herbs (open) contains a little blue berry, four red berries, eight redweeds, 12 green berries and many golden flowers.


The leather pouch containing herbs (open) contains:
1 little blue berry
4 red berries
8 redweeds
12 green berries
Many golden flowers

The @cardnums variable simply stores all the number words so that
the function %ismember("two",@cardnums) = 2. This seems to be a
pretty simple solution for converting number words to actual
numbers. I also have a variable called "ordnums" for doing the same
thing with ordinal numbers. Works great.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone out there. I know it's not exactly
what previous posters on the topic were looking for, but I figured
I'd post it, since it's different and it works for me.
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