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PostPosted: Wed Jun 02, 2004 5:08 pm   

Linking zMapper with other programs
Anyone has done that?

For example:
Visual Basic program which would 'talk' to opened zMapper and get/send information to/from it? (like move blue dot, or get room information)

Anyone has an idea how to do that?

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2004 1:04 am   
Sorry for not responding...I didn't see this post till today for some reason.

There is a COM API for zMapper, but it only works when zMapper is loaded into zMUD as a plugin. There is a section in the zMapper help file that describes the various COM objects and their properties.

Because the COM interface is actually done via zMUD, in your VB application you need to create the COM object: zmud.Application

Then, you get the current session, then fetch the Map object. For example, here is code to display the current room name:

Set zMUD = createobject("zmud.application")
Set Sess = zMUD.CurrentSession
Set Map = Sess.Map
MsgBox Map.CurRoom.Name

To change the "blue dot", you set the CurRoomID property. For example:

Map.CurRoomID = 100

would move the blue dot to room ID 100.

Like I said, look in the zMapper Help file for more documentation on this.
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