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PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2023 3:21 pm   

Stability pt. 2
Sorry for being a squeaky wheel. I promise I'll quiet down once I hammer out these issues. I ask on behalf of not only myself, but also others on the MUD that I play who experience similar issues.

1) When I close down Cmud and reopen, seemingly random settings will disappear.

We did some research that suggests backups are only created upon session open, but the #SAVE command can force a save of everything. Is this the way? So far, I've created a timer that will #SAVE on the tick.

2) When I log into the game, my leader's session has 3 chat windows assigned to it. Sometimes one or several of them adopt UI settings of the main session window, including button bar, status bar, and command line; and will even try to connect to the game, despite the main window already handling that responsibility. How do I enforce that these windows are strictly echo windows? I don't want them to receive commands from #ALL, don't want them to have the buttons that other windows share.

3) When I log various sessions into the game, they'll inadvertently gain access to packages/modules they didn't have access to when I logged out. For example, I have a "GroupLeader" module that only one session uses. However, when I log several characters into the game, several will have access to the GroupLeader module.

4) When I log out with my leader in my multi and close the session through Close Session dialogue box, Cmud crashes, resulting in problem #1.

5) In my attempt to address #1, I've set up a timer - I notice that #TS doesn't honor the existing timer value all the time. From the docs, #TS is supposed to sync the timer with the tick, and #TS 60 sets that timer to 60 seconds. Part of my login script does #TS 60, while I have triggers to capture in-game tick message (ex. You are hungry.) and run #TS. This afternoon, my timer decided that 11 seconds was a good number to use, whereas yesterday, 40 seconds was good. Unless I explicitly ran #TS 60 again.

Any thoughts on any of this? Please ask me for more information pertaining to any of these.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 14, 2024 9:10 pm   
Have you ever run CMUD as an administrator?
I suspect that lack of write permissions is why some settings arent being saved.

You can turn of some of these things from the advanced tab of the window object within settings.
Or just from right clicking in thwe window.

Are you logging them in within a single instance of CMUD, or opening a separate one for each character?

Sounds like a single instance of CMUD, the leader being the main session will lead to this behavior.

I would need to hear more about your use case of the tick timer.
In all likelihood, using a named #ALARM would accomplish what you want better.
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Joined: 23 Dec 2023
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2024 1:27 am   
Thanks for responding!

My Windows access is with an Administrator, but I do not explicitly run Cmud as Administrator.

The quirkiness with various windows suddenly getting command lines, trying to connect, and such, has gone away. Perhaps because I crash less often now and I've stabilized my UI so it's mostly what I want.

I am using a single instance of Cmud.

Working with another Cmudder from my mud, we managed to set something up. On login, #TS 60 to set the interval, #TIMER 1 {#IF (%literal(@InCombat)=0) {#SAVE}} 1 5 to check every minute and call #SAVE, and #TZERO to reset the timer when an in-game tick indicator fires (You are hungry.) Previously, I was using #TS, which clearly didn't reset the timer.

When a tick actually arrives, enter #TS without a parameter to fine tune the timer interval.
Perhaps my Mud doesn't need to "fine tune" since it's a fixed 60 seconds.

Thanks for responding! I might experiment with Administrator, and will make sure my leader session logs out last.
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