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PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2023 5:07 pm   

Capturing Multiple Lines from sequence to input to database
I know this should be easier than I am making it, but the break I took is making my brain fog :)
Below is the input received from the mud... obviously there may be fewer or more lines where 'Blunt' is and they could be different things like sharp, fire etc. I am trying to get it to capture all of these, probably best in to a database variable, to then enter in to my Cmud database for weapons.
The paste doesnt look even but all of the lines align on the game. The attack column starts with 2 spaces in front, Hitting starts on %pos 23 and Damage on %pos 48.

You carefully inspect the Eiku.

  Attack                Hitting                  Damage
 ------------------    ---------------------    ---------------------
  Blunt:                okay                     okay
  Blunt:                fair                     fair
  Blunt:                very poor                pretty poor
  Blunt:                very poor                very poor
 ------------------    ---------------------    ---------------------
  Overall:              poor                     fair

  Durability:     poor

It is a two handed weapon.
It uses the fighting.offensive.melee.blunt skill.
It saves at level 150.

Any help much appreciated!
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2023 2:09 am   
How much information are you wanting to keep?

You would need to flesh out these three variables more, so it fires when it is supposed to:

hitType=okay|fair|very poor
damagaetype=okay|fair|pretty poor|very poor

#TR {You Carefully inspect the (*).} {
  this=%db(@weaponsList, $weapon)
#COND {({@weaponType}): %s ({@hitType}) %s ({@damagetype})} {
  $that=%db(@this, $wt)
  $other=%db($that, $ht)
  #ADDITEM $other $dt
  #ADDKEY $that $ht $other
  #ADDKEY this $wt $that
  #STATE 1
  } {within|param=4}
#COND {It is a (*) weapon.} {#ADDKEY this Type %1}}
#COND {It uses the (%x) skill.} {#ADDKEY this Skill %1}
#COND {It saves at level (%d).} {
  #ADDKEY this Saves %1
  #ADDKEY weaponsList %t1 @this
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