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PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2022 11:14 pm   

Move generic code out of session file, how? in mud file?
How do you make a database variable that is the same for all characters, but not stored for every character (I have a separate session file for every character, since they all have different abilities/buttons),
but some things are not specific to the character, but work for the whole mud, all characters.

For instance a database.
It would be unwise to have such a table for every character in the mud...

key (full name of the item)````````value (keyword of item to use)
a frosty dragonhide bracer ````````frosty-bracer

key (full name of the mob as shown on screen)````````value (keyword of mob as used to attack it)
The darkhaven guard`````````````````````````````guard

I could think of making such tables that contains most items and mobs in the game. But not if I would have to store it separately for all my 65 characters.
There are things that are mudwide, and things that are unique to each character.
Eventhough it is always good to have a backup. And a more certain way to store some things would be welcome too (library) cause sessions get corrupted often.

'ld say a library could be used for that, but I believe you have to upload a library to the Zugg mudlist before you can use it?
Since you have to login with your zugg forum name to edit a library package. And creating a new one cant be done by the cmudpro software.
I'ld want it just for myself, and maybe a couple of friends.
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PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2022 11:41 am   
You would stick it in a separate package that all your characters use.

These packages can be shared via the CMUD library as well.

You can create the package from the settings editor.

You need to edit your session file to add the package to it (after it is created), there is a packages tab you can add to the list from.
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