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PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2022 5:07 pm   

So many problems, please help.
I'm on Windows 11, trying to run CMud 3.34, but I'm just having so many constant game-breaking issues I just don't know how to fix any of this.

I'm trying to run 4 sessions, but they're all breaking constantly, I can't have CMud open for more than 12 hours before everything craps the bed. Errors galore, unable to save sessions.db, hard crashes that are sometimes recoverable sometimes not. Aliases and triggers are crossing across sessions even though they all have their own packages in separate directories. Triggers firing in the wrong session.

I tried running 2 windows with 2 sessions in each window, and it prevents cross-triggers from happening, but only between windows, each window will cross triggers between 2 sessions, and it allows me to have CMud open for a little longer, but still crashes <24 hours.

Aside from possibly installing CMud into 4 separate directories, how on earth can I stop this from happening? What the heck is going on? What am I missing!?!

I've been using ZMud/CMud for maybe 20 years now, and have never had quite this many problems, although I've never run more than 1 session at a time until now.

Please save my sanity!
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PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2022 5:01 am   
Use a virtual machine, install win7/98 or ANYTHING other than windows 11...or even 10 (some people have had problems there). Install {c|z}mud and Bob's your mother's brother. Snapshot your install, regularly backup the session data and you should never have to re-install or faff about.

Alternatively, ditch win11, run Linux, and use kvm, which will be faster and less intrusive/snoopy/reboot-happy.
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Joined: 24 Aug 2004
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PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2022 3:27 pm   
I had Linux back in the day but then ended up buying an HP Laptop that was somehow Windows only, and refused to install Linux OS. Laptop was too good to return (early adopted first gen SSD, gaming gpu.. was slick) .. After that I just stopped using Linux. Now with the non-technical kids, g/f, linux just wouldn't work well, I'd be forever troubleshooting them.

I really honestly kinda sorta don't mind Windows 11... However, Windows force-upgraded me one night without my knowledge/permission (I was part of the beta program and apparently that was something they deemed themselves allowed to do) .. However a few months later they disabled my version and partially downgraded me back to Windows 10 because I didn't have TPM enabled on my mboard, so technically never should have had it. Now my computers a very fancy and somewhat functioning brick.. Start menu refuses to work in any capacity, depending where you look, it's either Windows 11, or Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Pro editions... Hundreds of hours troubleshooting has failed to fix the problem and everyone at Windows support is apparently supporting Motorola Dynatac phones, because their one and only suggestion was to wipe the system and restart. I can't stand formatting "working" computers that I've got set up just the way I want, so I've made do using Win+R to bring up my shell:AppsFolder and just keep trucking along.

All that said, CMud hasn't performed out of the ordinary, nor has any other program, so I'm extremely hesitant to say that's part of my problem (although it very well could be) .. I was hoping there was an easy answer pointing to something I can fix.. A setting, the way I created the sessions, or something.. A way of keeping them separated somehow.
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