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PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 7:52 pm   

Capturing Current numbers
I dont know what to type to capture the current levels. I have tried multiple things but unless i update the number using variables, i can't get it to display.

Tech Level        : 50          Next Tlvl At      : 131500000
Technology        : 33665712    Needed            : 97834288

Knowledges                      Next             
Combat : 54          66500000
Disguise : 45          49400000
Genetics : 45          49400000

this is what i have.....

%ansi( bold, red)Tlvl: @tlvl
%ansi( green)- - Statistics - -
%ansi( white)Combat: @combat
%ansi( white)Disguise: @disguise
%ansi( white)Genetics: @genetics
%ansi( green)- - - Progress - - -
%ansi( bold, red)Tlvl: @tlvl
%ansi( white)Tlvl: @tlvliin,@dt % Done.
%ansi( white)Combat @combattiin,@dc % Done.
%ansi( white)Disguise @disguiseen,@dd% Done.
%ansi( white)Genetics @geneticsiin,@dg% Done.
%ansi( white)Spare: @gexp_atm

Any help would be appreciated.

Edited by Shalimar - Added code tags so I could see the spacing from the MUD.
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 12:30 am   
That is exactly what you need to do, update the variables.
You can make a trigger to do this for you. (#HELP #TRIGGER for more info)

#TRIGGER {Tech Level %s : (%d) %s Next Tlvl At %s: (%d)} {
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