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PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 3:49 pm   

Creating a trigger from within an alias
Basically I'm trying to make a shortcut to create a trigger to color a name through an alias.

How this is intended to work is to type setnamecolor name color, and the trigger will be created with name as the pattern and color as, well, the color, so that when the name comes up in the mud output it gets colored.

Normally i would just type #trigger {name} {#CW color} to create the trigger, but that is a lot of typing when I have a lot of names to set colors for. But i want to put the trigger statement into an alias so the alias passes the name and color to create the trigger which would effectively be the same as typing #trigger {name} {#CW color}

I got the color part solved. I can't get the name part solved.

What I have so far is this:

#alias setnamecolor {#trigger {%1} {#CW %%2}

The thing is the %1 passes through as a literal string rather than passing the contents of %1 through. I have also tried %%1, &name, @name, (%1), (%%1), (%-1) and (%w) all to the same effect of the pattern created is the literal string of whatever is between the pattern {}.

I hope all this makes sense. Any and all possible solutions are welcome.
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 11:24 am   
If you have multiple people with the same color, then I would suggest a variable for each color group, I go by guild myself.

#TR {{@warrior}} {#CW saddlebrown}

Then rather then make a whole new trigger, you just need to add a name to a variable.

#ADDITEM Warrior Jimbob

Making an alias for the #ADDITEM is a lot easier, though you almost don't even need an alias now.

As for forcing it to expand, I believe you can do that like so: #EXEC {#TR {%1} {#CW %2}}
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