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CMUD mapper - new feature suggestions
Hello everyone,,
I have thought some on new features that I have missed in zMUD regarding the mapper. As a background, I can mention that I play on Aardwolf, where we have rooms that are no-recall, no-portal and both.

1) Add a flag to the objects that may be listed under portals... - "regular" portal, or "other", e.g. A "regular" portal, would be just that, and should be the default setting. "other" could e.g. be transportation to what we at Aardwolf call manor... for that we use the "home" command, and this command is of the same type as "recall". This means that in no-recall rooms, we cannot use "home" (as standard).

2) Add two different flags to rooms: "no-recall" and "no-portal". It should be possible to set and fetch this setting of a room through functions. The no-portal flag would prevent CMUD from using "regular" portals, the "no-recall" flag would prevent the usage of "other" portals.

3) Make the setting of flags in rooms more flexible: allow it to be possible to mark a number of rooms "click-and-drag", right click - or menu, and set flags like these to rooms. (handy when you have 30 000 rooms on your map that need to be set properly).

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