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getting server to ignore script
Hulloa all,

I have two events which trigger for entering a room and creating a room. IN each case the primary need is to paint the room a specific colour according to room type.

The roomtype is generated via a call.

Also, for searching the map I thought to put the mud-supplied vnum into the short name (roomid) field. I am really only interested (at this point) in SHOPS but Aardwolf does not flag all shops with the shop terrain type. Some of the shops are flagged as 'INSIDE' but with details = SHOP. However, all shops may not have the details flagged. I haven't yet located all shops.

Anyway, the niggle is this:

The script is sending the room vnum back to the server and this is generating an incorrect command message for every movement. Is there some way to prevent this

%roomid (,

from being sent to the server? I tried putting a NOOP before this script but then the roomid doesn't populate with the vnum. This happens in two cases:

When the vnum has been populated to roomid by ONROOMCREATE event and therefore when MAPPING is in MAP mode.

When the vnum exists as roomid and I enter a room even when MAPPING is in FOLLOW mode.
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