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PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 6:12 am   

Cmud Mapper (Immortal + Room Vnums not capturing)
My room description for my immortal looks like:

(6)19:18|o()[651|5000][h:]full defense--()e
[ 15720] Jagged Crevice [ AUTH ] [Desert]
A jagged rock crevice, entering a literal hole in the ground at the western
end.  The area is inhospitable to say the least, as even the floor appears to
be made of knife edged rock.  Shades of dark, and light red show where the rock
has weathered.  A slightly worn path shows the route normally taken.   
[ Exits: n w ]

(6)19:18|*()[651|5000][h:]full defense--()

Currently using trigger:
#TR {^~[(&vnum)~] &rname ~[ &flags ~]} {#TAG vnum @vnum;#TAG name @rname;#TAG flags @flags} {mapping}
#TR {^~[ Exits: (*) ~]$} {#TAG exit {%1}} {mapping}

to try and snag the VNUM from the room (15720 in this case) and store it in the mapper VNUM.

When I try to reconfigure, the mapper locates the room description and the exits fine but fails to catch the room name (e.g. not colorized at all)

Currently: the mapper will generate the room exits but will not save the room name. The room name field, is filled with as much of the first line of the room description as can fit :P. The VNUM of the room is also not saved in the mapper VNUM field.

What did I do wrong? :)

If I disable those two triggers, reconfigure, it maps just fine (but I have to turn roomflags off :P)

PS: I'd /really/ love it if I could get it to color the rooms via the specific room flags, anyone know where I can get more details on how to do that? :)

BTW, you guys are awesome!
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:20 am   
I see a few things I would only call stylistic errors
(like not using #LOCAL vars)

Also, your trigger only seems to allow for one flag, and your example shows two.

I don't see why it not being colorized would matter.

#TR {^~[ (%d)~] (*) ~[(*)~]} {
#TAG vnum %1
#TAG name %2
#LOCAL $flags
$temp=%replace(%3, "] [", "|")
#FORALL $temp {#ADDITEM $flags %trim(%i)}
#TAG flags $flags

Not that that is all that much different... is it perhaps being sent as a prompt for your immortal?

Coloring rooms is pretty straitforward.
Need to make sure the map is not locked to color via script.

#IF (%ismember("Desert", %roomflags)) {
#CALL %maplocked(0)
#CALL %roomcolor(,yellow)
#CALL %maplocked(1)
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
i7-8705g 3.1GHz 32GB
CMUD Pro v3.34
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