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PostPosted: Sun May 07, 2017 4:24 pm   

Mapper Problem
Old loves never die.

I found myself logging onto my good old MUD last night in their webclient and decided to give it a go again after more than 8 years of inactivity.
This morning I downloaded a fresh copy of CMUD on my windows machine
I could not find any old backups back to see how I did things in the past or recover some old maps, but hey, mapping has always been fun and I just wanted to slowly start again.

For some reason the mapper does not like me, and it refuses to recognizes the exits at random.
So, one moment it goes good, and then it just refuses to recognize any pattern.

The MUD I use is and basically every room I am currently in ends with:

This is a very large room which is divided into sections by beautiful bookshelves. There are a couple of wooden chairs standing in against the wall. An archway to the northwest opens up into a corridor and to the southeast and southwest lie two smaller rooms.
There are three obvious exits: northwest, southeast and southwest.
> sw
This room is very bare and empty except for one large sign on the opposite side of the room. Beside it is a small metallic holder and a beautiful quill hanging from a golden chain. A small sign is here.
There is one obvious exit: northeast.

The auto mapper gives me a success, yet it is randomly working, and I tried a few of the options from the help, but I must be missing the obvious.

And then I looked somewhat further and I actually find this back in

05/07/17 12:38:17 : SERVER sent SB 201 GMCP { "id": "\/L8Tk.", "short": "The board room", "doors": [ ], "exits": [ "northeast" ] }
05/07/17 12:40:26 : SERVER sent SB 201 GMCP { "id": "uvMKT.", "short": "The library", "doors": [ ], "exits": [ "northwest", "southeast", "southwest" ] }
05/07/17 12:41:10 : SERVER sent SB 201 GMCP { "id": "GhLIG\/", "short": "The butcher", "doors": [ ], "exits": [ "north", "east", "west", "southeast" ] }
05/07/17 12:41:13 : SERVER sent SB 201 GMCP { "id": "0CCQ6\/", "short": "The post office", "doors": [ "se", "southeast" ], "exits": [ "west" ] }

So it should be possible to pick that up no ?

Any pointers to a lost soul ?

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Joined: 12 Jul 2002
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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2017 1:19 am   
And strangely enough when I execute the who command after I enter the room, the mapper recognizes it and works
I did try to add the exit alias with the command #OK but to no avail.
Other commands like stats or vitals dont seem to have the same effect as who.


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PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2017 10:46 pm   
#ALIASes still require a command input to work, better would be a #TRIGGER.

You will likely need to make a few triggers to help the mapper along, check out the following #HELP files.

#HELP #TAG (you can possibly send it the GMCP data as well, but that may not be necessary)
Windows 10 Home Premium 64-bit
AMD Phenom II x6 1055T 2.8GHz 16GB
CMUD Pro v3.34
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