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PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2015 5:00 pm   

Need help configuring automapper
Argh! I've been trying to get the automapper to be correctly configured for my mud, but I'm obviously doing something wrong. I hope someone here can help me with this.

First some output from the debug window when I move south-west:


c   Genesis |  exec : Macro "KEY1" : sw
a   Genesis |> sw
j   Genesis >sw
a   Genesis #Telnet 201: { "doors": [ ], "short": "on a sturdy wooden bridge spanning the Copper River", "exits": [ "northeast", "southwest" ], "id": "TeT2i\/" }
a   Genesis |On a sturdy wooden bridge spanning the Copper River.
a   Genesis |There are two obvious exits: northeast and southwest.
a   Genesis ]>

So, from my current location, I would want a new room created, going through the south-west exit in my room. This new room should have the following properties:

name: "On a sturdy wooden bridge spanning the Copper River.",
exits: 2: northeast and southwest

The problem is that no matter how I configure the automapper to be configured I end up with a new room with no exits. If I then go another step southwest, the new room will end up with the two exits that this room should have had, instead of the three exits that should be in the new room:

0.0003 | c   Genesis |  exec : Macro "KEY1" : sw
0.0003 | a   Genesis |sw
0.0004 | j   Genesis >sw
0.0218 | a   Genesis #Telnet 201: { "doors": [ ], "short": "beside a large lodge within the grounds of the Mercenary Guild", "exits": [ "north", "northeast", "west" ], "id": "RvM1c." }
0.0006 | a   Genesis |Beside a large lodge within the grounds of the Mercenary Guild.
0.0003 | a   Genesis |There are three obvious exits: north, northeast and west.
0.0003 | a   Genesis ]>

The code to detect exits as follows:

<trigger priority="170" id="17">
  <pattern>^There are %w obvious exits: (*).</pattern>
  <value>$exits = %1
$exits = %replace($exits,"south","s")
$exits = %replace($exits,"north","n")
$exits = %replace($exits,"east","e")
$exits = %replace($exits,"west","w")
$exits = %replace($exits,"|", ", ")
;#debug "Tagging exits as: " $exits
#TAG exit $exits
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:04 pm   
This should not be a hard one to configure. First disable your tagging trigger. Next go into the mapper Config, Configuration Settings...
On the Room Name tab check Room Name, set Paragraph to 0, Line to 0, uncheck Parse vNum, check Start of Line, check Ends with Period, everything else can be unchecked.
On the Room Description tab uncheck everything.
On the Room Exits tab check Room Exits, set Paragraph to 0, Line to 1, check "Exit line contains key" and "Exits after keyword", set the keyword to "exits:" without the quotes, uncheck everything else.
On the Prompt tab, uncheck everything, check Allow String>, and enter a prompt char of >.

It should work with those settings, but running a reconfigure after tweaking the settings has always been suggested. Such a subsequent reconfigure will often only change the Paragraph and Line numbers a little.

If you find that it still fails to properly detect the exits then reenable the exit tagging trigger. Simplify its code to just "#TAG exit {%1}". Then reconfigure.
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, 2015 4:30 am   
Unfortunately, I am from the same Mud and can confirm that the settings described above do not work.

The best I can appear to get it to do is create a single room with no exits, but when I move, no exits are created. The only settings that differ from the above are that I made my exit keyword ":" as due to what I describe later in the post, you can't use exits, because it varies between exit and exits.

If I do a reconfigure, you end up seeing that the room name is highlighted correctly in blue, however the exits line is all black text.

So, I decided to try a different approach. I tried creating a little more simple of a trigger, as described below:

Whenever you enter a room, it has the text:

There are/is <x> obvious exit(s): <exits>

So I created a trigger on:


As a test, I had it do:

exits = {%gmcp.Room.Info.Exits}
name = {%gmcp.Room.Info.Short}
#Print @name
#Print {%replace(@exits,"|",", ")}

This returns something like:

north, south, west, east

Perfect. Just what I want... A string of exits and a name for the room.

However, when I change the trigger response to instead be the below and reconfigure:

exits = {%gmcp.Room.Info.Exits}
name = {%gmcp.Room.Info.Short}
#TAG exit {%replace(@exits,"|",", ")}
#TAG name @name

I get similar results. Single room, no exits (with the above configuration settings still intact).

If I do the same thing (stepping backwards in the reconfigure wizard and checking out what it's labeling things) the entire exit line ends up being caught as the description.

If I turn off description in the reconfigure wizard and try again, the entire line is black text.

Just about ready to give up with getting mapping to work in this game.
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