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PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:16 pm   

Wider width lags cmud when displaying multiple lines of text.
So this is driving me nuts and I have no idea what is causing it.

Basically, the higher I set my page width, the more the game lags when I look at a block of text, like a room description. It's fine for anything that's one line of text, it's just laggy for blocks where there are multiple lines before the prompt. Width 25 is instant, width 75 is a bit slow, and width 150 has me stuck waiting nearly 10 seconds for the text to load. With triggers off, there is no lag. To pre-empt the comment "Use wrapwidth 0 and have cmud wrap it" - that's not an option in my game. I did try setting width to a huge number and then having CMUD wrap that, but still no fix.

This makes me think there is some trigger issue with the prompt going on here, but I disabled every trigger that is firing (based off trigger debug message display) and the lag is still there. Are there hidden triggers which could be firing somehow?

The lag this makes is so bad that it freezes up my entire computer - if I try to do anything while it is lagging, CMUD freezes up and I have to close it fro m task manager.
Thanks in advance for the help!

Edit: This only started yesterday, so I rolled back my settings to a version from a week ago...and now the issue is happening on those!

Edit 2: It doesn't seem to be a problem if I check score or stat, which display several lines of text without a prompt, but a room description completely freezes the game. Also longer sentences, even if they are only 1 line, display bits of choppiness and lag. It seems to be a result of the line lengths themselves.

Edit 3: Even reading the news lags me, so it's not a prompt issue.
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