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PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:47 pm   

Affiliate commission increased to 10%
The Affiliate commission rate has been increased from 3.5% to 10%
Starting on August 17th, 2009, in celebration of the 13th year of Zugg Software, I have increased the sales commission rate to 10%. This means that for every person who buys zMUD or CMUD (or any of our other products) via the affiliate link on your web site, you will earn 10% of the sale.

In addition, all existing Zuggsoft Affiliates have had their commission *retroactively* increased to 10%. Payments to any affiliate with accumulated *new* commission greater than $25 was paid this morning to their registered PayPal account.

For details on the Zugg Software Affiliate program, go to . This Affiliate system combines the logins for the yearly zMUD/CMUD Icon Bidding with the Affiliate commission program. You can view the documentation on the Affiliate system on that page, and can also create an account for both systems (or log into your existing icon bidding account if you have one already).

This Affiliate program allows you to place links on your own web site for Buy, Download, or Information about Zuggsoft products. When a customer clicks on one of your links and then buys the product within 40 days, you will receive a commission for the sale. Anyone can become an affiliate, although the more traffic your site receives and the more you promote our products, the more money you will make.

Go to the link above and follow the instructions to become an affiliate today!
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