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PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 9:06 pm   

Working on eCommerce stuff
I'm now working on the eCommerce system to interface with our existing merchant account. My SSL cert order is in progress also.

I've implemented Country and State/Province fields that are a bit smarter and have proper drop-down lists so that you can't select a valid that might be rejected by the payment gateway. Like with the Zuggsoft Store, the Country field comes before the State field so that the State field can be populated via Javascript. Instead of making a huge Javascript array like the Zuggsoft Store does, I decided to take a different approach and have hidden DIV elements for each country that has a state list. It's more HTML to load, but less Javascript to execute, so I'm not sure it's any better, but it was a bit easier to generate the page with PHP the way it is.

When looking into the eCommerce stuff, I also discovered that the current API that the Zuggsoft Store is using is being discontinued by Verisign/PayPal in Sept 2009. So I guess it's a good thing I'm looking at this now so that I didn't just wait till next Sept and then panic. The API is being replaced with an HTTPS protocol, which is actually much easier to implement. I'm hoping to have it operational by Monday (can't work this Saturday unfortunately).

Keep up the testing and suggestions!
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