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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 3:42 pm   

Avalon: Royal Title Generator
this is basically made for avalon, where you can edit your prefix/suffix if you're guildmaster, etc...
but it can be used for any other game that allows this to be done freely.

you can edit prefixone, -two, -three and suffixone, -two to your liking, I made mine out of an existing name generator.

HELPNAMEGEN will help you further.

#CLASS {namegen}
#ALIAS fixname {
  mem prefix @yourname %item( @prefixone, %random( 1, 12)) %item( @prefixtwo, %random( 1, 16)) %item( @prefixthree, %random( 1, 11))
  mem suffix @yourname %item( @suffixone, %random( 1, 10)) %item( @suffixtwo, %random( 1, 10)) of @enemycity
#ALIAS helpnamegen {
  #say --
  #say %ansi( yellow)Royal Title Generator
  #say %ansi( blue)By Illyism
  #say %ansi( white)First you'll need to set some variables, "yourname" and "enemycity" then execute using the fixname alias.
  #say %ansi( green)Commands:
  #say %ansi( white)SETGEN %ansi( yellow)YOURNAME YOURENEMYCITY
  #say %ansi( white)FIXNAME (sets a random name)
  #say --
#ALIAS setgen {
  #var yourname %1
  #var enemycity %2
#VAR prefixone {Lord Protector|Marshall|Viceroy|Chancellor|Mayor|Guildmaster|Vengeful|Overlord|Master|Chamberlain|Admiral|General|Governor} {}
#VAR prefixtwo {Omnipotent|Supreme|Glorious|Majestic|Munificent|Noble|Peerless|Incomparable|Puissant|Excellent|Eminent|Sublime|Radiant|Splendid|Superior|Matchless|Chivalrous}
#VAR prefixthree {Crown Prince|King|Duke|Arch Duke|Grand Duke|Marquis|Count|Baron|Sir|Emperor|Lord|Prince} {Prince|King|Duke|Arch}
#VAR suffixone {Imcomparable|Superior|Devout|Salient|Loyal|Insurgent|Adroit|Bloodletter|Belligerent|Crusader|Just|Unyielding|Usurper|Usurper|Majestic|Invulnerable|Vengeful}
#VAR suffixtwo {Slaughterer|Subduer|Subjugator|Queller|Silencer|Slayer|Slayer|Dominator|Dominator|Dominator|Dominator}
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