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PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2002 5:43 pm   

Automapper troubles.
I've been racking my brains here. I can't seem to get this to all come togethor right, and am down to a few places in my mapping that this will become almost a requirement.
I need to create triggers that allow me to automap without using the standard configuration setup. Unfortunatley, I have tried every possible combination and can't get the automapper to like this, so I need to create manual triggers of some sort to grab exit information from the mud output. Here's a few samples...

Ok here's what I want to point out, in the prompt, I have a single character exit list displayed. In the room description upon look, it has the 'standard' rom exit string, but will enclose in () rooms behind closed doors, and my mud uses 'hidden' exits that can only be seen in the prompt. (Those three in order below in the examples of rooms.)
(descriptions truncated to 2 lines to save space)

<2310/2310h 1039/1039m 542/542v{4748G 2123S 353a 0:00t 14099xp{W} / / >w
The Cave of the Gods
An enormous fireplace is carved into the solid stone wall of the
the fireplace and some finely crafted mahogany furniture decorates the cave.

[Exits: west]
A set of large granite pews
<2310/2310h 1039/1039m 542/542v{4748G 2123S 353a 0:00t 14099xp{NESW} / / >w
The Sacred Hall
A fine sapphire hued Mallorean carpet covers the hallway floor leading
area for the inner sanctum. A faint flowery aroma fills the air.

[Exits: north (east) south west]
<2310/2310h 1039/1039m 542/542v{4748G 2123S 353a 0:00t 14099xp{NS} / / >

<2310/2310h 1039/1039m 535/542v{4748G 2123S 353a 0:00t 14099xp{NS} / / >n
Vordue Ave.
Beautiful white flagstone mix with gold and silver ones as the road
walls gleaming as the sun shines off them.

[Exits: north east south]
<2310/2310h 1039/1039m 534/542v{4748G 2123S 353a 0:00t 14099xp{NESD} / / >e

How would one be able to capture standard exits, and know when to place a door based on what I have to work with? I also need to pull exits from the prompt, as there is one area as yet unmapped on the mud by anyone as it only uses hidden exits (and is full of hero-killing aggro mobs if you miss step). If any further info is needed, I check posts regularly. You also might want the knowledge that I'm using zMUD 6.37a.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2002 11:33 pm   
I recently tried doing this for someone. The method that works was to capture the [Exits: *] line and hold that, it will only be used for doors. Then when your prompt rolls arround you catch the exits, create all rooms that don't currently exist, and set them to reload all information. You can then place your doors properly.

To avoid the aggro mobs you will have to establish a look alias that stores your current room, moves you to the look room on the mapper (should already be set to reload), then issues the correct look. That should provide for all the basic exits but not the hidden ones that could occur in that room.

If you later find a hidden exit that leads to a room you looked in you may have to merge the rooms, or delete the new room and then correct the links. The other option to that would be to grab my auolink script from the Finished scripts forum and modify it to keep track of spatial relations so it could be queried to automaticaly create a link to the proper room instead of just making a new one.

If you need help implementing my suggestions, or just need me to expound on them it might be faster done through email.
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