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PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2002 7:11 pm   

Recognizing room names
I've been using zMapper for a couple days now, and the biggest problem that I have been running into is the auto-recognition of rooms and such. Occassionally (40-50%), and with no pattern that I can tell, it will not recognize the first line of a description paragraph (which holds the Room name and vnum), and then creates the room with the first line of the actual discription as the room name, with no vnum.

I've tried substituting the first line with various formats in an effort to help zMud recognize it as the room name, peeled back any flags that used to show up around the room name, and even played with the manual configuration in an attempt to solve this problem, yet it hasn't helped any. I have included two basic rooms below, the first parses correctly, the second does not. Any suggestions, or is this a known bug?


Running WinXP, zMud 6.32

[Room 3005][Wood 100] [Lawful Territory] The Temple Square
You stand in the Temple Square, before the huge marble steps that lead up
to the entrance of the Temple of the Creator. The temple itself towers over
this square in awesome majesty, a stunning tribute to the Creator and all
his glory. Priests of many deities can be seen going in and out of a
structure to the west. The Grunting Boar Inn, one of the oldest
establishments in Brengaard, adds a rustic touch to the east side of the
Temple Square.

[Exits: north east south west up]


[Room 3000][Wood 100] [Lawful Territory] Temple Road
You stand in a small plaza inside the first wall of the Temple of the
Creator. A glimmer of light reflects off polished armor to the west, where a
small building houses the Paladin's Guild. Sounds of bare feet and fists
pounding flesh and training dummies eminate from an equally small building
to the east, which houses the Monk's Guild. A large set of steps to your
south allows you to descend to the Market Square, and the Temple Square can
be seen beyond a stone arch to the north.

[Exits: north east south west]

I've switched the room name row to look like the following:
Temple Road (#3000)
Temple Road. #3000
Temple Road (3000)
(and a few others I don't remember)

I had some success with
Temple Road 3000
but then the vnum gets tossed in with the title, and I'd rather not have the vnums shown in the room name.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2002 11:13 pm   
This is a zMUD issue and not a zMapper issue. zMapper is a separate program used to edit and enhance your has no knowledge of MUDs. zMUD has the compatible mapper that is doing the automatic map creation from the MUD.

So, please post this over on the General Discussion forum for zMUD. And yes, the [] with all of the wiz flag in the room name are what is messing it up. You should be able to use a #TAG command in zMUD to customize this.

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