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Joined: 12 Oct 2000
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2002 1:05 am   

zMapper Buglist part
Slowly playing with various functions, mostly just testing menu options and
various inputs:

Bugs in the process of creating/opening:

1) Along the lines of Vijilante's bug of selecting a dll file, tell it to store
the database on a drive you can't write to, a cd works nicely. Click ok on
the resulting error box and you get the same results as Vijilante's access

2) Not sure about this one: Completely ignores any pathing I put in the
filename box, ie I specify put it in J:THISISATEST2 and it still
stores the file in the current directory.

3) Telling zMapper to store files in places like: My Network Places,
My Computer yields similar error results as #1.

4) Suggestion: Default the cursor to appear in the file name box instead
of the Look in field?


5) Create a new library, right click on the right pane, select rename -
Invalid Variant type conversion

6) Create a new library, edit->New shape and edit->New Bitmap don't seem to do
anything. Same with right click->New shape and right click->New Bitmap

7) New libraries aren't being saved as .mdb files.

8) Rename option isn't grayed out when just (Root) is selected although delete is.

Shape Editor - Haven't played much with this, will test later

9) Undock the toolbars and close them, how to bring them back? :p

10) Set the grid spacing to -1 yields infinite loop.

11) Not sure if this is intended: zMapper seems to have no qualms about me
dragging my shapes completely off the drawing area, ie so I can no longer
see them or manipulate them without hand-editing coordinates.

Bitmap Editor

12) I get an access violation 00669D53 in zMapper.exe read of address 00000038
seems to happen when I alt+tab between windows but it takes it a few seconds
to pop up. Addendum: Maximize the bitmap editor, access violation pops up
and won't go away, this is right after selecting new bitmap from edit in
the main mapper window.

13) Undock, then close the TBXToolbar2, can't open it again without
closing the bitmap editor.

14) Add *.emf to the Files of type: in the open bitmap section as it doesn't
seem to have a problem opening valid .emf's.

15) Make a new bitmap of 0 width and 0 height, I get a funny white box to
appear, plus why would someone want a 0 by 0 bitmap?

16) Select any drawing tool immediately after selecting new bitmap from the
edit menu in the main window. Access violation: 0066829 read of address
00000038, cursor changes to hourglass.

As a sidenote, the preview doesn't seem to show this entire post so I've
split it over multiple posts.

6.26 on Win2k
zMapper 1.03 on Win2k
1280x1024 Screen resolution
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Joined: 12 Oct 2000
Posts: 32
Location: USA

PostPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2002 1:06 am   
Main Window

Tested using a new database: (Run zMapper, Free Trial, unique name for the
file name)

17) Make a new db, right click on the main map window and speedwalk to current
room yields access violation and zMapper cursor changes from select to
permanent hourglass.

18) View->Toolbars->Properties just doesn't seem to want to be checked

19) Might want to give the File, Edit, View, Zone, Help toolbar a new name
besides TBXToolbar1 ;)

20) The Zugg Software button doesn't appear to do anything.

21) Undock the Draw Toolbar, close it, it's gone and there doesn't seem to
a way of getting it to come back.

22) Make a new db on a mapped/substed drive unsubst/unmap the drive while
zMapper is using it, can't close zMapper anymore with errors of being
unable to write to the .ini file.

23) Along the lines of the above, open up a database (file->open), pick a map
ie the hexmap, map loads as does the palette but the titlebar still says
the invalid map name from before and when trying to exit still errors.
Only by making a new map can I quit zMapper.

24) Import something that's not in xml format, error pops up but the conversion
bar stays.

25) Import a txt file, double clicking on directories doesn't open them but
rather selects them to be imported.

26) Export a text file, has the same problem when you choose where to save it.

27) After loading/creating a databse, tell zMapper to open (File->open)
something that's not a database, error pops up. Clicking on Palette,
Zone, etc. results in access violations followed by Cannot perform
this operation on a closed dataset.

28) Set grid spacing to negative values, turn on Grid, infinite loop.

29) Variant on Vijilante's bug, create a new map, don't make a room, select
properties, curious what room am I editing the properties for?

30) Create a new map, create 2 rooms, link them, go to properties, modifying
settings in the exit tab doesn't seem to alter the save/cancel button
states at the top.

31) Right click->Zone properties don't seem to do anything.

32) Right clicking on Zone changes it to the rename, need to right click again
to bring up the right click display, not sure if this was intended.

33) Can make 2 zones with the same name

34) Right click->Rename Zone doesn't seem to do anything either

6.26 on Win2k
zMapper 1.03 on Win2k
1280x1024 Screen resolution
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Joined: 12 Oct 2000
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2002 1:07 am   
35) Neither does right click->delete zone (These may be stemming from that I
can only get this menu to show up when I have the text of the zone name
selected as text instead of as a row in the box.

36) Set the Zone background as an invalid image, tells you its not valid but
proceeds to load it anyway.

37) Make a new map, delete the untitled zone, tell zMapper to delete it again
after deleting it, cursor goes to hourglass.

38) Make a new map, delete the untitled zone, rename the row it was on yields
Division by 0.

39) Zone->Background->Scale: Put in 0 for the divisor, Division by 0! :D

40) Zone->Background->Scale: Probably want to have the X OFfset stop at a
certain point akin to the shape editor's resize shape stopping at 99999.
Enter values less than -2147483648 and pops up with a nice box saying
invalid integer value, same applies values bigger than 2147483647.

41) Set the background image to csprings.bmp, Background->scale, set the
multiplier to 0, division by 0.

42) Background->scale: a multiplier/divisor of negative values resizes the
image oddly.

43) Load up csprings.bmp in the Background->scale, set a scale of 0 for x/y,
division by 0.

44) Load up csprings.bmp, Background->Offset Point, click ok, Background->Scale
point, pick 0 for both, division by 0.

45) Make a new map, right click on the Room entry, select properties, shows up
nothing, should be disabled if intended to do nothing.

46) Make a new map, Select the Graphic tool, double click on a spot on the map
Edit Label pops up ??, type in something for the label and get: Row cannot
be located for updating...

Forum bug:
Search for graphic in only the zMapper forum I keep ending up with the exporting
to bmp/jpg field as showing: Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d' Type
mismatch: 'Server.HTMLEncode' /forum/inc_functions.asp, line 372 and the replies
and last post being a huge black box.

Keep up the excellent work Zugg, looking forward to the Zmud plugin of zMapper.

6.26 on Win2k
zMapper 1.03 on Win2k
1280x1024 Screen resolution
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Joined: 18 Nov 2001
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2002 4:07 am   
I am (expletive deleted) impressed! Why the (expletive deleted) didn't I think I trying to blow divsion by 0 errors all over the place. I think you got pretty much all of them, but still that is major.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2002 6:52 pm   
Wow, great bug list Phazic. That will really help me get this thing polished. Several of the bugs are related to stuff that I just haven't had time to mess with yet, like a lot of the toolbar issues. I was more focused on functionality rather than error handling, but that's definitely something I need to improve before a public release.

Btw, what is a *.emf file? Never heard of that file extension before.

Also, yes, it's perfectly fine to have zones with the same name. The database is using the ZoneID field as the Key field, not the name.

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Joined: 12 Oct 2000
Posts: 32
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2002 1:35 am   
A .emf file is a windows metafile, or so zMapper says, it shows up in the save
as options for the Shape Editor. The Bitmap editor seems to have no qualms
about loading that type of file extension as opposed to other file extensions
reporting errors, ie if you try to open a .jpg in the bitmap editor, it says:
Unknown picture file extension (.jpg), it doesn't give this error for
metafiles, .emf. Although when it loads the metafile it just seems to load
a large white area.

More bugs:

Main window

01) Addendum to the Graphic bug: Steps to reproduce:
a) make a new map
b) Select the graphic tool
c) Click on the drawing area
d) Tool should switch to the select tool
e) Double click the select tool
f) Edit label box pops up
g) Hit ok
h) Row cannot be located for updating. Some values may have changed since
it was last read.

02) Not sure about this one: Is text supposed to be in its own 'invisible' room that
can be resized albeit having no effect on the text size although making the ability
to select it rather awkward, make it too small and you can no longer select the word
by clicking on it, make it too big and random clicks end up selecting the word

03) My 'text' has a properties field that does nothing

04) I can edit shape on my 'text' and it appears to affect the current room
definition, same with bitmap.

05) Is there any way to manipulate 'stacked' links without going into the exit
table? Example: new map, make a room, make a link from the west exit to the
southwest corner of the room, draws a circle at the west loop going back to
itself. I can select this link in the southwest corner by just clicking on
the empty space where a link would normally be drawn. Now make a link at
the southwest corner to nowhere, just draws the link. Attempted clicks on
the link in the southwest corner always end up selecting the west circular
link. Perhaps what I'm suggesting is that when making a link back to the
same room actually indicate from which direction it would've come from, ie
then this circular loop would only appear if I left from the west and
arrived from the west whereas in my example it'd be a curve from the west
exit to the southwest exit.

06) After using a tool in the main map window it immediately jumps back to the
select tool, perhaps an option to 'lock' a tool at the last setting it was
to hurriedly paint down a number of rooms without the repeated click to the
insert room option, or graphic/text, etc.

07) zMapper seems to insist on drawing the door on the room that was created
first regardless of which side of the link you're clicking on.

08) New map, create two rooms, draw a link from one room to the other. Go
into the properties of the room and change the destination link to an
other, up, or down type, no circle, or arrows although it attempts to
draw the link to where they would be.

Continued in next post...

6.26 on Win2k
zMapper 1.03 on Win2k
1280x1024 Screen resolution
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Joined: 12 Oct 2000
Posts: 32
Location: USA

PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2002 1:36 am   
09) A link going up, down, or other to any other room doesn't seem to draw the
corresponding exit type in destination room. Example: #1 is set to go
up to the west of #2 and it's not a one-way link, the west exit of #2
doesn't appear at all, where it used to appear as a link dangling off
into space, now it looks like west is not a valid exit from room #2
except in the exit tables.

10) Create two rooms in the same horizontal row with a little space, link
from nw to w, nw, n, ne, or e, can't get the link to draw. What's even
more fun is to add a door after drawing one of these 'invisible' links
and you see a nice floating door in space. Also doesn't draw the one-way
arrows if you turn on that option for those 6 directions in this horizontal
orientation. This seems to afflict a number of directions depending on how
the rooms are oriented, ie side by side, parallel.

11) New map, create two rooms, link them together. Edit the properties of one
of the rooms, now with the property window open, select the other room,
room # updates to change but changing buttons on the exit/door/one-way
settings has no effect on the table, nor do the relink/delete links buttons

12) Link labels don't seem to save if I type anything in the box and Door
name's disabled but that's probably because it's not done yet :)

13) New map, make a room, show path, access violation. (Results from having
no current position)

14) Should I be able to move the vnum number around in the properties display?

15) zMapper seems to correctly stop me initially from trying to link a southern
exit back to itself by forcing it as a one-way exit and prevents me from
changing it if I directly manipulate it immediately after accessing the
properties. However, if I first change the destination link to another
exit, select normal, then select the initial exit again the exit is
created twice. Example: I make a link to the south of the room and link
it back to the south of the room, I go into properties and change the
destination link to the north of the room, and change the type to normal.
Then I change the destination back to the southern exit while leaving it
at normal, zMapper duplicates the s->s exit.

16) zMapper truncates the display of the Cost to move into room for big
numbers, such as 2147483647 used by the Do Not Enter box.

16) zMapper truncates the display of the vnum of the room for big numbers,
such as 2147483647. I believe this is caused by the scroller taking
up the supposed length.

17) Odd my delete key doesn't work in the Short Name for room box or other
boxes it seems.

18) Suggestion: Poll the reverse directions from the directions table instead
of hardcoded 8 point compass directions.

19) Curious, the edit menu options edit shape if I don't save the shape as a
metafile where's it go after I close it, looks like it's discarded.

20) Suggestion: An easier way to access the shape editor if you minimize it.

21) New map, make a room, edit shape, start using the select tool, it seems
to draw multiple boxes and leaves them there.

22) Should I be able to delete the exit types of door and locked door as there
doesn't seem to be a way to specify what to use when assigning door images?

6.26 on Win2k
zMapper 1.03 on Win2k
1280x1024 Screen resolution
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Joined: 25 Sep 2000
Posts: 23379
Location: Colorado, USA

PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2002 6:15 am   
Wow, not sure I can really respond individually to all of these except to say that I'll look into each one of them.

On the emf file, thanks for the reminder. I knew that it was used for meta files, but never thought it was a valid bitmap format. After investigating this, apparently meta files can be drawn onto bitmap canvas's, so yes, reading emf files will always work fine, and you'll even be able to copy/paste from the shape editor into the bitmap editor (but not vise versa).

Regarding text: In addition to "rooms" you can drop any "shape" anywhere on the map. A text label is just a shape with a label instead of a shape. It's actually the same code as the bottom toolbar button for dropping a graphic onto the map except you give it a label and not a graphic. The size doesn't do anything to the text yet because the text size isn't scaleable or even changeable. That will be changed in the future.

The reason it's selecting the room definition is that the room definition list still has the keyboard focus. I haven't set it up for you to add a shape to a text label yet, but that is the plan.

To "lock" your tool selection, hold down the SHIFT key when you click on the tool. I think this is displayed in the tooltip help message along the bottom of the window when you hover the mouse over the tool icons.

The maximum cost of a room is the MaxInt value for a 32 bit integer, which is the same as the Do Not Enter value. You shouldn't ever need to use large cost values like this, and large values will probably crash the mapper or cause an incorrect path since it's only using 32bit arithmetic for the shortest path calculation.

Custom door images are not implemented yet, but you'll soon be able to specify your own shapes for doors, in which case it won't cause a problem if you delete the default shapes.

Lots of other good bug reports and I'll try to get to as many as possible for the next version.

Just keep in mind that it will take *several* versions to get all of the features polished and all of the bugs removed. But good bug reports like this go a *long* way to help improve the product. I doubt I would have found half these bugs myself! So thanks again.

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