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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2012 1:35 am   

One session, multiple maps
I was wondering about the use of multiple map files in conjuction with one session. The reason I want to do this for two reasons. One, the second region I wish to map is potentially vastly large, and having one large map file to load every time I log in is a pain. Secondly, with the main map file I want the mapper to match the vnum when verifying movement (as it is also the in-game room number). That works all fine and dandy with it right now.

The problem is that with the second region the in-game room number for the area changes from time to time (I don't know why or how often). If I have the mapper in this region verify vnums, I can end up with multiple rooms having the same vnum. Also, when creating new rooms in that region, if the vnum detected already exists, the mapper thinks I'm at the previously created room. This creates more problem then it solves.

So, what I am thinking is to be able to unload one map and load the other when I go in and out from the region. At the same time, I need to change the mapper configuration settings to enable/disable the vnum checking.

Is this possible?
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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2012 2:29 am   
I suppose there might be an indirect way to load in a new mapfile that uses #CMD or #MENU, but that's kind of moot because a single session cannot have more than one mapper object without going kablooey. You can, however, load different mapper configs via the #CONFIGURE command but you cannot individually turn on/off specific config settings. Your mapfile is probably huge enough, though, that you wouldn't want to load/unload it.
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