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PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:00 pm   

3.29B sql weirdness
Ok. I have a strange problem with cmud and sql queries. Databases are sqlite.

I have a script that loops through list of mob names and calls for the following script to check if they are in the database.

#VAR query "SELECT * from mobs where name like '"%1"'"
#VAR mobqres %sql(mobs, @query)
#IF (@mobqres.Item("level")="") {#VAR tmpvar "not found"} {#VAR tmpvar "found"}
... do stuff...

The script itself works fine. But when i actually run the script it only gets results every second time. I run the scipt -> get the right results, run the script again -> i get no matches, run the script for the third time -> i get the results.

Can't really figure this out, not sure if it's a bug or if i'm doing something wrong. The database is always connected, but it doesn't matter if i close it between attempts. Any ideas?

Edit: I had the same issue with previous betas and one other script dealing with sql queries behaves similarly.
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 4:47 pm   
I could not reproduce any problem with this. Here is a test script that uses the muds.db database included with CMUD so others can test it:

First, open the database:
#SQLDB muds

Next, create this alias:
<alias name="q" id="1">
  <value>#var query %concat("SELECT * from mudlist where title like '",%1,"%'")
#var res %sql(muds,@query)
#show @res.Item("title")</value>

Now, this is a bit different than your script. First notice that I'm using %concat properly to create the query instead of using the implicit concat that you were doing. Then you'll notice I added the % character at the end of the query so I could look for muds that start with the given %1 string.

OK, with the above alias, I can now do this:
q aard
q acha

and it displays:

Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands

I can keep using the "q" alias and it keeps working. So I am not seeing any problem with it only working every other time. You'll need to investigate the script on your end to see how it is different.
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