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Carrion Fields: Enemy, Tribunal, and Friend highlighting
Another simple yet useful script. I used it with Carrion Fields, but it should be dead easy to use with another mud and/or include whatever groups you like. Be warned, though, that the triggers tend to break with excessively long lists of people to check and it probably isn't the best thing for your performance to have hundreds of people on them anyway.

Make sure to type names with the correct case!
Whenever you see a Blood Tribunal member on duty, type "tenemy <name>" and they'll be added to the tribunal list. This way you can recognize a tribunal member even if they're off duty and avoid getting blindsided.
For those that try to kill you, you just don't like, or are somehow dangerous, "enemy <name>" and they'll be highlighted henceforth so you needn't hesitate if you see them nearby and don't remember if you should run/kill.
For allies and friends you know won't hurt you and (hopefully) will help you, "friends <name>" will mark them as such.

This script will highlight these people on WHO, WHERE, and any time their name appears with proper capitalization.


#CLASS {identify}
#ALIAS tenemy {#ADDITEM tribunal %1;#SA %ansi( bold, cyan)%1 is now being tracked as a member of the tribunal.}
#ALIAS enemy {#ADDITEM penemies %1;#SA %ansi( bold, cyan)%1 is now an enemy.}
#ALIAS friend {#ADDITEM friends %1;#SA %ansi( bold, cyan)%1 befriended.}
#REGEX {\b(?:@tribunal)\b} {#cw aquamarine} "" {case}
#REGEX {\b(?:@penemies)\b} {#cw blueviolet} "" {case}
#REGEX {\b(?:@friends)\b} {#cw lightgreen} "" {case}
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