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Carrion Fields: Defense Notification System
This is a simple zmud script designed to track defenses or other events of importance and highlight them, making them more visible in combat spam. This, specifically, is designed for a Carrion Fields mud Healer, although it should be easy enough to modify for other classes (or just about any mud). This script will also notify the user when they are disarmed (which helped me, at least, with my horrible habit of losing weapons).

To add your own notifications, create a trigger that matches the text, (optionally) use #GAG to suppress it, and "snotice <text>" to inform you about whatever has happened. snotice will make the text a bold white that stands out from the usual gray (assuming ANSI color scheme), and there is an alternative alias, swarning, that will make the text red in case there is something you really, really don't want to miss.

This will break output with cmud, but I have a slightly modified version of the aliases somewhere that does work and I'll probably get around to posting it eventually.


#CLASS {notices}
#ALIAS snotice {#say %ansi( cyan)~[%ansi( black, bold)Guardian%ansi( cyan)~]%ansi( gray): %ansi( white)%expand( %-1)%ansi( gray)}
#ALIAS swarning {#say %ansi( cyan)~[%ansi( black, bold)Guardian%ansi( cyan)~]%ansi( gray): %ansi( red, bright)%expand( %-1)%ansi( gray)}
#REGEX {^A .+ disarms you and sends .+ flying\!$} {snotice Disarmed.}
#REGEX {^Using a .+ disarms you and sends .+ flying} {snotice Disarmed.}
#CLASS {notices|defenses}
#REGEX {^The white aura around your body fades\.$} {#GAG;snotice Lost sanctuary.}
#REGEX {^You feel less protected from evil\.$} {#GAG;snotice Lost protection.}
#REGEX {^Your eyes no longer pierce the shroud of invisibility\.$} {#GAG;snotice Lost detect invisibility.}
#REGEX {^The golden haze in your vision disappears\.$} {#GAG;snotice Lost detect good.}
#REGEX {^The red in your vision disappears\.$} {#GAG;snotice Lost detect evil.}
#REGEX {^Your shield fades away\.$} {#GAG;snotice Lost shield.}
#REGEX {^You slowly float to the ground\.$} {#GAG;snotice Lost flying.}
#REGEX {^Your feet rise off the ground\.$} {#GAG;snotice Gained flying.}
#REGEX {^You are surrounded by a white aura\.$} {#GAG;snotice Gained sanctuary.}
#REGEX {^You feel protected from evil\.$} {#GAG;snotice Gained protection.}
#REGEX {^You are surrounded by a protective shield\.$} {#GAG;snotice Gained shield.}
#REGEX {^Your eyes tingle with a golden aura\.$} {#GAG;snotice Gained detect good.}
#REGEX {^Your eyes tingle with a red aura\.$} {#GAG;snotice Gained detect evil.}
#REGEX {^Your eyes tingle\.$} {#GAG;snotice Gained detect invisible.}
#REGEX {^You feel less righteous\.$} {#GAG;snotice Lost bless.}
#REGEX {^You feel righteous\.$} {#GAG;snotice Gained bless.}
#REGEX {^You create a barrier of whirring blades about you\.$} {#GAG;snotice Gained blade barrier.}
#REGEX {^The whirring blades around you disappear\.$} {#gag;snotice Lost blade barrier.}
#REGEX {^You focus on the incarnation of Rayihn, and bind yourself to the forces of Life\.$} {snotice Gained soul citadel.}
#REGEX {^Your intense link to Life recedes\.$} {snotice Lost soul citadel.}
#REGEX {^It is once again time to renew your vows of faith\.$} {#GAG;snotice Lost faith.}
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