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PostPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2003 7:00 pm   

User problem
Ok finally sorted out what was wrong with my MDAC files, thanks for the web page Zugg.

I have found and read through the tutorials but I've missed something.

In the tutorial it says "we have turned off the Default Drawing for each room"
Now I took this to mean:
From the palet tab, select Room
then right click and select Properties
This give the Room properties definition dialog.
I unticked the default box in the options tab.
When you click ok you get an access violation. So I guess it's not that default.

In the sample called temple that option is also still ticked.

So where is this elusive default switch, ummm?

And now another simple question.
In the sample Temple I can add rectangles and fill them with colour they appear filled in the shape editor and on the map.

When I create a new map, the rectangles in the room appear coloured in the shape editor but not on the maps. (I have applied changes to the map :-) I assume it's to do with the parameter in CreatePen, CreateBrush. but have failed to find a combination that works. I did try copy/paste from the temple DB to my new one that failed too. :-(

I have gone through this forum but did not find anything. So it I have missed a post or a web page please tell me whats its called or it's URL.


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