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PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 12:54 pm   

Themes Ponderings
I was just wondering....
Will there be ability to make your own themse coming?
And specialize them upon the mud your playing?
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 1:20 pm   
Search is a wonderful tool...

Zugg once wrote:
CMUD is being written using the themed-components that were created as part of the zApp project. This means that CMUD will support skins/themes.

CMUD will support two types of skins: WinXP Theme files, and proprietary (KSDEV) theme files. A free Theme Editor is available for the KSDEV theme format. For the WinXP theme format, there are many 3rd party programs that can be used to create/customize a WinXP theme file (I like the StarDock tools myself).

Any WinXP or KSDEV theme file can be loaded into CMUD to customize it's look and feel. You can also choose several "built-in" themes that will be provided within CMUD.

The initial Beta version of CMUD will likely contain many theme-related issues. Tweaking the theme support will be an on-going process during the beta period. I'm not putting a lot of priority into this for the initial release.

Zugg also wrote:
For skins, you can already make your own using the tools over in the zApp area. Go to the zApp Download area using the menu at the top of the web site. Then you should see a subcategory for Themes. In that category is a ThemeEditor program. It's a 3rd party application that I do not support and there isn't any documentation available, so you are on your own to figure it out. It creates the *.KDSN theme files that CMUD can load. There is also a download program to convert a *.msstyles file to a smaller *.theme file that CMUD can load. Or, CMUD can load a *.msstyles file directly, so you can use any 3rd party program for creating/editing Microsoft theme files. I do not plan to offer anything else myself for theme editing or creation...there are plenty of programs to choose from to do this.
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