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PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 6:55 pm   

Suggestion: Ratings of MUDs
This is a small feature suggestion for CMUD. Wouldn't it be a bit nice if you could rate MUDs ... within zMUD? It would be nice if there were a few different kinds of ratings. For example:

The Purple MUD
Code base: Custom MUD
Size: >2000 rooms.
Players: Average 400 players

Staff rating: [*****] Player ratings: [*** ]
Playability: [*****] Story: [****]

The Purple MUD was first opened 1999 to an unknowing world. Since then we have provided adventures, riddles, and amazing challenges to our large player base. Do you dare experience Purple MUD? Do you dare trying rescue an ever-in-danger realm from a certain defeat?

This MUD has 1 good review, and 1 bad review. Do you wish to read the reviews?

Top Review:
Written 2006-01-02, by Rorso: [report]
I find that The Purple MUD simply is the best MUD because ....

Poor Review:
Written 2006-01-02, by Arin: [report]
This is the worst! Just a group of players harassing eachothers. Booo!

Rating Rules:
1. You may only rate a MUD once, but can withdraw/edit the rating any time.
2. Abusing the rating system can get you banned :P

Then the MUD list could look something like this:

MUD Listing
**** Sponsored MUD Banner goes here ****

Top MUDs of the Month:
The Purple MUD [*****] Some Other MUD [** ]
SomethingElse [****] SomethingOther [** ]

Expand the list for more options!
[+Yellow MUDs]
[+Cyan MUDs]
[+Indigo MUDs]
[+Transparent MUDs]
[+Other MUDs]

[Show the MUDs by category!]
|Show the MUDs by ratings
|Show the MUDs by name
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Joined: 14 Oct 2000
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 7:04 pm   
Yet a suggestion Very Happy. Wouldn't it be kinda funny if you could have something like this too:

MUDs with a lot of players online:
Orange is a Color MUD [800 players]
We Love MUDs! [100 players]

MUDs with medium amount of players:
Green Amazing Field MUD [50 players]
Crystal Clear [20 players]

At the moment there's a total of 970 players playing MUDs. Notice: These numbers might be a bit wrong as it only measures amount of players using CMUD.

Then the client would send a "update signal" every hour. For example:
[IPlay CrystalClearCode]

Of course this should be possible to turn off due to privacy conserns etc.

Perhaps this would use a bit too much bandwidth though Confused.
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 7:56 pm   
I doubt I will do any MUD rating. The MUD Connector already has a mechanism to do that, and the MUD list already comes from them. Maybe I can find out how to tie CMUD into their rating system as it already exists, but I don't plan to write my own.

I do *not* want to take over the MUD Connector function on my own web site. The MUD Connector is already a very good site and there is no need to replace it. So anything I do in CMUD will continue to use the MUD Connector database.
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