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PostPosted: Sat Oct 11, 2003 7:41 pm   

Select Database window
The first time I started up zmapper 1.20 it asked for a database to open, and started by default in the zmapper directory. However, now anytime I start the program up, the directory it starts in defaults to C:Documents and Settings<User> .

It's a little annoying since I then have to navigate through 6 directores(up 3 to the list of drive letters, and then 3 down again) to get back to the zmapper dir.

Is it possible to permanently set the default directory?
I'm running WinXP and zmapper 1.20.


- BTW, I really like how zmapper is coming along. As has been mentioned by others, a lot of possibilities are being opened up.Smile
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 11, 2003 9:14 pm   
Right click on the icon you are using to run zMapper and select Properties. Make sure the Current Working Directory is set to the directory that zMapper is in. I think that is the directory zMapper uses when it starts up.

But this is also the kind of feature that will get added as zMapper gets more mature. Right now I've been more focused on actual functionality. Certainly before a Public version I'll take care of stuff like this.

I just with there was a way to speed up the Windows Openfile dialog. I hate the fact that it has to go load the icon for each item in the directory list. That's what takes zMapper so long to open. I sometimes wish for those simpler days when a list of files in a directory was a simple and fast task.
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