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PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2003 1:02 pm   

[1.15] Memory leak - shape editor
P3 650.
nvidia riva tnt2, 32mb
win 98b (SE).

After noticed the problem twice, I restarted, then used ctrl+alt+del to close everything except explorer and systray. I then opened up the resource meter, followed by zmapper (1.15), with a new map file. I used keyboard creation to make a small map (7 rooms). Still plenty (all over 80%) of memory unused.

When I double click on a room to open the shape editor, the system and GDi resources begin to drop. Every action while in the shape editor causes them to drop (in concert) by anythign from 2% to 10%. Creating a shape/line, moving a shape. Closing it and opening up the shape editor for another room.

In about 5 mins, I get the "you have reached 10% of your systems resources" warning from the resource meter. I close zmapper, and almost instantly the resources are all over 80% again.

Open zmapper, repeat process...same thing. This time I dont close it when it gets to 10%. WHen it drops to about 7%, I get the error "Canvas does not allow drawing", and I have to close zmapper with ctrl/alt/del.

The first time this happened I had a whole heap of apps open, and there was a fairly large crash, but I didnt take note of the fancy error messages in zmud itself, nor the system registry message later (crashed explorer on me too

I've been trying to reproduce it to that extent, to take note of the exact errors, but have been unable to.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 22, 2003 5:22 am   
I have the same problem with 1.15(and earlier), and even posted about it late last year. Unfortunately the problem is still unresolved.:/

Here's the link to bring it back to mind(I hope this gets fixed!)
[url] Topic_Title=Resource+leak+in+shape+and+bitmap+editors& Forum_Title=zMapper+Discussion[/url]

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 23, 2003 8:20 pm   
Yes, this is a known bug in Win98 systems. It seems that there is a resource link somewhere in the handling of Windows Metafiles (which is what the Shape editor is creating and editing). This resource leak doesn't show up on my Win2000 development system, so it has been hard to track down and is still on the bug list. It seems that the handling of Metafiles is very different between the Win9x versions of Windows and the versions of Windows based on NT code (like Win2k, WinXP).

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