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PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2002 1:02 am   

zMapper 1.10 Beta released!
The new version of zMapper has been released. For details on changes and bug fixes, please see the Version History.

Lots of new features and lots of bug fixes in this version. Specifically, there are now a lot more options for customizing Room and Exit types. For example, exits can now have a width and the doors can be customized to any shape or color, allowing you to have seamless rooms and coridors. Also, Text Styles have been added for customizing labels, both with a room label, or for floating labels. Also, you can add a bitmap to a label and the text of the label then becomes the mouseover text for that bitmap. Useful for adding "pins" to your map with mouseover text.

The Zone list and Palette are now hierarchical tree views to help you organize your maps better.

Also, Printing has been added and even supports printing across multiple pages at any scale factor that you want. The Export to GIF image command has also been added.

Finally, zMapper now works as a special plugin for zMUD. When you have zMUD installed you can use the scripting objects in zMapper to perform very advanced scripting of your map database.

I hope you like all of the new changes. With all of the changes I'm sure there are plenty of bugs left. If there are any critical bugs, please post them asap and I'll try to update it within a couple of days. Otherwise, the next version of zMapper isn't due for another month or so.

If you have any trouble with the AutoUpdate code in zMapper, this should be fixed for the next version. Till then, just download the new version manually from the Download page.

To get zMapper 1.10, go to the Download page.

Happy mapping!

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