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PostPosted: Sun Jun 30, 2002 7:47 pm   

I'm not sure how if any of these have been posted, I tried to send this to you in email form with a attached word document that had screen prints, but I'm not sure if you got it. Is there anything special we need to do when sending in bugs via email with attached files?

Zmapper bugs noticed so far.

1. Start Zmapper and do not select any map files. Leave the file name box empty. It will create a map database called “.mdb”.

2. Zmapper is not refreshing the screen correctly for the tool bars. Portions of my windows background is showing after you open a database. If you minimize and maximize, it fixes the screen.

3. Shape editor has a help menu but no help links.

4. Not sure if this is a bug but when you start zmapper, the screen where you select your map, it appears to be defaulting to the My Documents folder instead of a zmapper folder. Also during the install, zmapper’s default was to install to c:/zmapper. It should be c:/program files/zmapper (Windows XP Pro).

5. If I double-click on a hex in your sample hex map, it bring up the shape editor, but it only shows a blank SQUARE. Shouldn’t it show a hex shape, perhap I’m wrong here.

6. Going to keyboard creation on the sample hex map, and spamming the “3” key 10 or 20 times in a row to create a bunch of new rooms is extremly slow and very shaky.

7. If I double click on the hex map to open the shape editor and add a oval or something to the hex shape, then save. It creates a SQUARE shape overlaying the hex instead of just a oval inside the hex.

8. If I select on the hex that you put the river in, and I then select the blue line that denotes the river, I got handles to move the shape around, but these handles are not lined up with the shape, they appear to be down and to the right of the actual picture.

9. There appears to be some heavey memory leakage, but I’m not sure where it is. I don’t know how to track down those type of issues. But my guess would be during keyboard creation of the hex maps. Wish I could give you move, If you don’t spot anything obvious just ignore this one.

10. I loaded a zmud map I had that has gone through the database conversion when I installed the last zmud beta. I have a few rooms that have no links. They are just rooms sitting out in nowhere. I’ve actually used these to create a key when looking at my map. In my old maps, I color coded rooms, then on the side I created a map key with empty rooms of each color and a text label to describe what the color meant. Zmapper has a few problems with these rooms with no links. If I highlight the room and goto the room property ,then select the tab for exits, I get a error "invalid varient type conversion".

a. Also, I noticed a few of these rooms I used for a map key have dissapeared from the map. I’m not sure if this was during the map conversion or just from the new zmapper.
b. I am not able to select the existing text lines I have on my map. If I double click or single click on the text label, It just does not pick it up. Its like the map does not really think the text is where I am selecting. If I click near the label and draw a large box, It does select it, but this is very ackward. Trying to change the text is almost impossible. Ok, I think I figured this out. I can select it if I click precisly on the first letter of the text label, but any other letter will not work.

11. On your sample hex map, If you select a hex room and drag it a little to see the room links and then drag it back into its original position, it wont let you put it back correctly, it forces you to place itslightly off.

Welp, that’s all I got for right now.

Just wanted to say though, the new zmapper looks great, I think the best part will be the hex maps, I know I will use it a lot.

I also plan to use the print features a lot once they are done. I hope the print function will be better than zmud. It would be nice to be able to format the print onto multiple pages so that you can print the entire map. Kind of like how some banner software handles printing. Also printing in diferent scales would be great.

Looks great, keep up the good work, hope these bugs don’t put you off, they are all small issues for the most part, the overall functionality appears to be working well.

Processor PIII 1000
Memory 265MB
Windows XP
Zmud Version 6.30
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 30, 2002 11:50 pm   
Here's some replies:

1) Doh!

2) Hmm, I cannot reproduce any problems with the toolbars. I wonder if there is some difference in a system DLL. Wonder if it's a WinXP issue, although the XP system I have here seems to work fine.

3) Yep, as I said, no help anywhere yet.

4) It starts in whatever your current working directory is. You can change this in the properties of the icon you are using to start zMapper. It allows you to set up multiple desktop icons for various different map projects.

5) Remember there is a different shape for the room "definition" and the room itself. The hexagon is in the room definition, viewable from the Palette tab. Click that and double-click on the hexagon room definition to edit the hexagon used by all the other rooms. Double-clicking on a room itself lets you add an additional shape that is specific to just that room. This provides a lot more flexibility.

6) Yes, each room creation requires a database INSERT and a requery of various JOINed tables in order to draw the map. This is a slow process and I'm not sure how to speed it up yet. Databases seem great for "queries" but are slow at adding new data.

7) Make sure you Uncheck the "Default draw" icon in the shape editor toolbar to prevent the default "square" from being draw on the map.

8) Hmm, someone else posted something similar to this, but they look just fine on my system here. I double-clicked the hex with the river, then clicked on the river in the shape editor...looked fine. Maybe you could send me a screen shot?

9) Yep, I'll be running the memory and resource leak tester soon. The Hex map seems to show it the most, so it's related to the shapes and stuff I think.

10) Yep, the Properties has a bug when there are no links.
a) If you can send me the *.map file that didn't import correctly and let me know which rooms are missing I can try to reproduce the problem.
b) Yes, there is a problem with imported labels...their width and height are set to zero instead of their correct values, so there is no way to select them. I've added that to the bug list, and will make the next version able to select objects with zero width and height (rooms or labels).

11) It's probably trying to snap to the grid. You'll have to play with the grid settings to get it to work. Grid settings are stored in the INI file for the map, and I didn't include my INI file with the map, so you don't have my grid settings.

The Print functions are very important to me also, which is why I didn't rush them. I want you to be able to print out very high-quality maps. One of my markets is pen/paper D&D gamers, and you often want to give out maps to your other players. So, I want to do a good job with this.

I think the hex maps are pretty cool too, but there are a *lot* of other cool things you can do in zMapper that people will also figure out. I plan to spend more time coming up with tutorials and examples to try and inspire people. zMapper has a much bigger potential audience than any of my previous programs, so marketing this will take more effort than just simply posting an announcement to a web page.

Thanks again, Talahaski, for the nice comments and the good bug reports! This is exactly what I was looking for and exactly why I released this version early.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2002 9:31 pm   
Actually as far as the refresh problem I am having the same problem.

Win 98
400mhz AMD k-6 II 3d processor
192 meg ram
16 meg Voodoo 3

Kaos Lupae
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