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PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2002 6:27 pm   

Problem with pattern matching
This is probably harder than you think it should be. Gonna need a sample output from the MUD to see.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2002 6:42 pm   
As Dracx said, we're gonna need to see raw MUD output, especially what precedes and follows the list of names.

Things to think about until then are the %replace function which can take a whole line of names and put them in a list:

#VAR theList %replace("Bob, Jill, Lisa, Sam, Mark", ", ", "|") would result in @theList being {Bob|Jill|Lisa|Sam|Mark}.

For your second problem, you can specify a string variable as part of a pattern, and zMUD will attempt to match any of the items in the list, and capture the individual item if you so desire.

#TR {({@theList})} {#VAR tname %1}

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2002 12:42 am   

The raw mud output is simply that...a list of names separated by commas which wrap at the end of the line so that it continues on the next. It is the "Quick who" list. I want to capture all the names on that list and add it to an additem list.

You obviously need a command to get that list, but are there any lines (like "Currently in the realms:") either before the quick-who and/or after it? If there's nothing trailing it, do you ALWAYS get a prompt following the list or can other things happen before the prompt appears?

li'l shmoe of Dragon's Gate MUD
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Joined: 26 Jul 2001
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2002 12:45 am   
Could make an alias that matches
his quick who command and ~quick who the mud
and toggle the catcher.

Then turn off come the blank line or prompt.

I'd suggest a good capture of before the
quick who, the quick who and some things
after the quick who so we don't waste our
time guessing what the output looks like.

Ton Diening
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2002 6:45 pm   
I think this is another Achaea question (since grahamsccs commented on Achaea's bot policy in another recent thread).

No leading text on a quick who, no trailing text. Simple comma separated list, with a period at the end. (Some other who commands do give you leading text).

Example, including a leading and trailing prompt:

2500h, 2500m ex-
Ayla, Ilana, Fezzig, Orem, Amicus, Tavish, Archidal, Ellisande, Jadis, Naiad,
Drazik, Kolieer, Noreaga, Razoor, Remeer, Khalid, Armelia, Caleth, Gelphend,
Beowulf, Vorleth, Sunrise, Avather, Navi, Shollyan, Clemlee, Grellek, Rystrel,
Xuzuthor, Edramon, Trusan, Miramar, Sardin, Kaisar, Amitation, Kahless, Aneila,
Thakren, August, Rivalyn, Valamort, Silverlock, Serge, Mercury, Exalus, Ravenna
, Arecee, Mistral, Changewinds, Lemon, Morlana, Tammar, Mesmer, Distance,
Klavin, Twinklefoot, Nyxx, Kei, Ishiva, Morbius, Scarthran, Shyria, Artos, Dave
, Ngo, Duo, Quintina, Tidal, Fwiffo, Caled, Crius, Angelfire, Mulkerrin,
Khejian, Decan, Dracon, Cree, Acadia, Kevin, Cynne, Scavenger, Ankah, Dalamar,
Dracnor, Elara, Andelas, Kerish, Maran, Voran, Magus, Xhalman, Faunus, Dilan,
Xanthier, Loki, Jenna, Ren, Orina, Feliss, Edian, Jack, Picillo, Silverwisp,
Myrkul, Tristar, Shazir, Romeo, Keerlin, Thorne, Airmid, Rejlii, Nocturne,
Jerle, Darktalon, Aldair, Xowni, Chameleon, Ithan, Firefox, Linus, Calamandor,
Aslani, Jem, Zyox, Corrupter, Oberon, Vasser, Richard.
2500h, 2500m ex-

No real wrinkles here, except the bizarre inclusion of commas on the beginning of new lines sometimes. There shouldn't be a problem with the list being broken up into sections, because Achaea lags to a crawl well before you'd get a screenful of people in the qwho list. (who, guildwho, citywho, etc are a different matter).

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Joined: 26 Jul 2001
Posts: 1958
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2002 10:23 pm   
No zMud nearby but rough concept:

#ALIAS who {~who short_whatever_command;#T+ whocap;#VAR wholist ""}

#CLASS whocap
#TRIGGER {^(*).$} {#IF (%copy(%1,1,1) != ",") {#VAR wholist %concat(@wholist,%replace(%1,", ","|"))} {#VAR wholist %concat(@wholist,%replace(%copy(%1,3,%len(%1)),", ","|"))};#T- whocap}
#TRIGGER {^(*)(%w)$} {#IF (%copy(%1,1,1) != ",") {#VAR wholist %concat(@wholist,%replace(%1,", ","|"),%2,"|")} {#VAR wholist %concat(@wholist,%replace(%copy(%1,3,%len(%1)),", ","|"),%2,"|")}}
#TRIGGER {^(*),$} {#IF (%copy(%1,1,1) != ",") {#VAR wholist %concat(@wholist,%replace(%1,", ","|"),"|")} {#VAR wholist %concat(@wholist,%replace(%copy(%1,1,%len(%1)),", ","|"),"|")}

I think I got everything separated by a |
with those triggers.

Ton Diening
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Joined: 18 Nov 2001
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2002 1:00 am   
Guess I will take a quick crack at this:

#ALIAS qwho {#T+ QWhoCapture;TempQWho="NotYet";~qwho}
#VAR QWhoList {}
#CLASS QWhoCapture
#VAR TempQWho {NotYet}
#TR {^(*)$} {#IF (%isnumber(%copy("%1",1,%eval(%pos("h, ","%1")-1)))) {#IF (@TempQWho="NotYet") {TempQWho=""} {QWhoList=%remove(".",%replace(%replace(@TempQWho,", ","|"),",",""));#T- QWhoCapture}} {TempQWho=%concat(@TempQWho,"%1")}}

As for the second problem, prepare for a minor performance drop...
#TR {({@QWhoList})} {TName="%1"}
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