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Trying to set up a mapper for
Well, I wanted to map the realm but this is quite unorthodox case and I have no idea how to set the mapper to work with it.

This is a mud which besides room, has a set of coordinates inside each one, so traveling from one room to another is delayed (and i have no idea how to set it to trigger on that string, not move command.

Second roadblock is that I don't know how to set it up so it will read name and description of the room properly (description I can live without, but name is a must), running auto-configuration only detects the exits.

Some details:
It should fire mapping on string: You leave (%w).
where %w is the direction

Example of a move, with first and 2nd room

The Queen's Kitchens
Lying between a narrow back stairway up to rooms for rent and the front
tavern, the kitchen bustles at all hours. Plain old Lithmorran fare sits
on side benches in various states of preparation: pots boil, kettles steam,
and fry pans fry. A deep woodfire oven warms the north wall and the rest
of the inn's interior; here the heat is nigh-unbearable, and the stink of
sweat seems to permeate even the walls. It's mingled with the
sour-sweetness of mead and ale, large casks in storage delicately weeping.

[ Exits: east up ]

[RPXP Gain: none] [HP:perfect MV:fatigued P:walk] (bathed)
You begin to move east.

[RPXP Gain: none] [HP:perfect MV:fatigued P:walk] (bathed)
You leave east.
Queen's Inn and Tavern
A keyhole shaped doorway with a solid oak door bars the most notorious
tavern in Lithmore from the rest of the world. Wooden tables, carefully
cared for and of fine craftsmanship, neatly arrange themselves throughout
the main floor space where travelers and locals, both rich and poor alike,
mingle for the sake of being close to history and fame. A long wooden bar,
polished with years of spills and elbow-grease, separates the custom from
painted wooden racks of various liquors and a doorway leading into the
kitchens. The scents of staple Lithmorran fare waft from there at all

[ Exits: east west ]
( 4) A heavy ceramic mug of watered-down small ale is placed on the bar for all comers. (eastern edge)
A mysterious bright flyer marked with a shiny, scarlet mask has been pinned to the bar here. (eastern edge)
The un-official Queen's notice board covers the entire south wall. (western edge)
Lysander, a tall, mutton-chopped bartender, rubs down the bar with a rough rag.

If you guys can help me, i would greatly appreciate.
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