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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 2:45 pm   

tagging in SWR
so i have never been good at using #tag or any real mapper functions
and i was wondering what i would use to map the mud? here is the output

Health:602/602  Movement:1292/1300 <>>

Before Menari Spaceport
You stand at a street corner in Government City. The enormous city covers
almost all of the planet Coruscant. The street is suspended high above the
ground and is dwarfed on all sides by massive skyscrapers. Looking over the
high railing at the edge of the road, you can see other similar streets
many stories below and several more up above. All around the city is
bustling with activity.
Obvious Exits:
North - A City Street
East  - A City Street
South - Spaceport Entrance
West  - A City Street
Northeast - Mountain School of Defense
Northwest - A Lavish Hotel
Southeast - Spaceport Speeder Rentals
Southwest - Automated Bank Teller
You see a finely honed vibro-blade here.
A class ring from the academy glitters here. (2)
 A woman in a suit outfit walks quickly by.

Health:602/602  Movement:1290/1300 <>>
if you build it they will come, assuming that they have not already come to build it
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:55 pm   
The autoconfiguration should be able to capture the name and description just fine. You will want the following trigger to block out the horizontal lines:
#TRIGGER {------------------------------------------------------------------------} {#NOMAP}

The only tricky part will be the exits. You might be able to simply set the exits to be multi-line in the map configuration, but I'm not sure whether that will be enough. So you're probably correct that you need a #TAG. I think something like the following triggers should work (note I'm not at home to test this):

#TRIGGER {Obvious Exits:} {
  #T+ exitline
  #T+ breakline
  #VAR exitlist ""
#TRIGGER exitline {(North|East|South|West|Northeast|Northwest|Southeast|Soutwest)%s-} {
  #VAR exitlist %concat(@exitlist, " ", %1)
#TRIGGER breakline {------------------------------------------------------------------------} {
  #TAG exits @exitlist
  #T- exitline
  #T- breakline

After you have added the #NOMAP trigger and these exit triggers, reconfigure your mapper so that it knows about these triggers.
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