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PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:37 am   

[FIXED] How to configure my mapper for DragonRealms
Can anyone tell me what settings I need to enable for DragonRealms for the mapper to update as I move? The description is as follows:
> s
You trek south.
[Riverhaven Road, The Foothills]
Although not always in sight, the road winds its way northeast through the small hills, its destination the plains ahead. A few ancient trees stand about like scouts for the forest creeping down the large mountains far off to the north. Glancing southwest, an iron fence can be seen where the road heads over a hilltop. You also see a small footpath.
Obvious paths: north, southwest.

What counts as a paragraph and line in terms of the mapper asking me what paragraph or line the room name starts with? Basically I need help filling out configurations because the auto configure is not working, it moves me during the setup but never again.

In configuration:
> Room Tab: check in room name, everything else blank or zero
> Room Description: checks in room description, mutiline description, room description changes and 0's in description paragraph and description start line
> Room Exits: check in room exits, 0's in exits paragraph and exits start line
> MUD Prompt: checks in Auto Prompt detect, in Allow string>prompt, ">" for Prompt char, "^\>" Prompt trigger pattern, checks in PERL Regular Expression, Wait for prompt in SAFE speedwalking, Wait for prompt in SLOW speedwalking, Allow blank line to trigger speedwalking as prompt.

That seemed to fix it.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:54 am   

Can anyone tell me what settings I need to enable for DragonRealms for the mapper to update as I move?

None. The GSL codes are supported by CMud and should be enough for proper and accurate mapping. You WILL of course need to create lots of triggers to handle various lines you want to #NOMAP or #NODIR, and being a custom codebase there's plenty of special cases where you need to handle unique situations (ie, the ferries and boats).

You can see what the Simutronics support is catching, by the way, by going into the Protocols tab of Preferences. There should be a tab along the top specifically for GSL.

If for some reason Simutronics had decided to remove or radically change the use of the GSL codes, your easiest option is to create triggers that #TAG the wanted information. This will NOT accurately work with theatre/audience seating due to the double set of room info that is sent, but it will work for all other rooms. An example of such would work thusly:

[code]#trigger "tRoomInfo" {^~[([%w%s,'])~]$} {
#tag name %1
RoomDesc = ""
#condition {^(*)$} {
#if (%begins(%1,"Obvious")) {
#state tRoomInfo 2
#call %match(%1,": (*).",$exits)
#tag exit $exits
} {
RoomDesc = %additem(%1,RoomDesc)
} {manual}
#condition {^>} {#tag prompt} {nocr|prompt}[code]
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:46 am   
Sorry to necro this but I just returned to DR and ran into this same problem with CMud Pro 3.34. Rather than messing around with the map configuration I just trigger off the gsl codes for the roomname, desc, and exits (p,I,j) and the prompt and tag them all.

This fixed it for me.
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