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PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 8:09 pm   

SLOW walker / stepper help

I am very new to CMUD and am using version 3.34. I would like to create a 'stepper' that walks a path, stops when a monster is there, and resumes after I kill it. Here is what I did so far:

1. I created a PATH called .hunterPath
2. I created a trigger for "An Elven Hunter." (this is a monster). The trigger script is: #STOP
3. When I do #SLOW .hunterPath, the directions correctly traverse the path. When I enter the room with the hunter, the trigger fires and I see the message that the walk has been aborted. But it already fired a bunch of directions down the line so by the time it stops I'm way farther along the path. I tried increasing my time between steps in the configuration, but I can't get it to work like I want it and I assume that there is a better way.

I read about #OK, but am conceptually lost on how to use it and am not sure where I would put that code.

Can one of you walk me through how to create a stepper like this using PATHS? Thank you for the help.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:35 am   
instead of #STOP try using #PAUSE, and then when you get the monster is dead message and your ready walk use #STEP

if you also have the mapper open, using safe or slow? walk mode prevents all the directions being sent to the mud at once, if configured correctly.

Hope that helps.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:40 am   
#OK confirms that you have entered the room, i tend to use the exit line, or the lines you get when you cant see the room description for whatever reason.
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