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PostPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:23 pm   

PK Group Collection/Highlighting
This script will gather the players name, I'm Kylanthys in the selction of names, and place them into their pk group (clans in

Selection from whoclan:

[51 Pri] [ Slayers ]         Ys'llaggra   Underlord        (Leader) (Recruiter)
[51 Arm] [ Justice ]         Rayyke       Recruit         
[51 Cle] [ Shalonesti ]      Kylanthys    Sha'falas       
[51 Inv] [ White Robes ]     Jyoti        Archmagus        (Recruiter)
[51 Pri] [ Wargar*]          Akxo         Warcouncil(Thane) (Recruiter)

Pattern: ^[(\d+) \w+] (.*).*[|)]\s+([a-z']+)\s+\a+.*
Reg Ex: True
ID : gatherNames

$clan = %if(%ends(%2, "*"), %remove("*", %2))
$clan = %replace(%2, " ", "")
#ADDITEM @$clan %3

Please take note of the @$clan. This same script in ZMUD was 548 characters long without being able to do that. My variable names are Shalonesti, WhiteRobes, etc and by using the short cut of @$clan it saved 456 chars of repetitive code.

This section actually does the highlighting:

Players near you:
Akrie                        Lhedr-Eowyl Pond
Erebron                      The Dining Hall
Elyrial                      Lhedr-Eowyl Pond
Kylanthys                    In The Trees

Pattern: ^([a-zA-Z']+) \s?\s+(\w+).*
Note: the \s?\s+ was necessary here to keep it from firing at wierd times, like during communications.
Reg Ex: True
Code : I'm only going to snippit the first little bit as there are 16 groups. Bravo on the #switch, it made this alot easier as I didn't have to worry about the 12ish end braces

#switch (%ismember(%1, @BlackRobes)) {#cw 96}
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