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PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 8:52 pm   

CMUD, CMUD Pro and TeSSH v3.31 PUBLIC version released
I've uploaded the latest version of CMUD with the new mapper. This fixes many of the crashes and problems with the previous version. Please see the Version History for details on new features, changes, and bug fixes.

This is the tentative PUBLIC VERSION. I'll release it to the general public next week if all goes well.

NOTE: This Version requires the new Version 3 license key. See the Upgrade Instructions for getting your new key. If you purchased CMUD within the past 2 years, your upgrade will be FREE.

From the v3.22 release notes:
This versions includes the first implementation of GMCP (Generic MUD Communication Protocol).
This version contains the new stringlist/table code allowing for nested lists and tables and improved performance.

From the v3.16 release notes:
This is the first version available to general beta testers containing the new Script Wizard and Pattern Wizard. Please read the note in the Beta Forum about how to use these new features and how to properly report bugs that you encounter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you converted your Map file using the previous 3.14 version, you MUST RE-CONVERT your original map file again using this new 3.16 version. Reconverting will fix the problem. But if you continue to use the corrupted 3.14 map file, you will continue to get errors.

From the v3.14 release notes:
IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the first version built using my new Windows 7 computer, so please post asap (to a new post) in the Beta forum is you have any problems with the installer or license copy protection. It works on my computers here, but the first build on a new computer often has hidden problems.

From the v3.11 release notes:
This version has the new SQL database scripting commands and functions. I'll document them later next week, but will add a quick post to the Beta forum giving the basic syntax.

From the v3.09 release notes:
This version has better support for map windows for multiple sessions. It also includes the FTP module (with SFTP for SSH connections) in CMUDPro and TeSSH.

From the v3.06 release notes:
This version has the new free-floating buttons, xterm mouse support, user-defined styles, and more. Along with lots of bug fixes.

From the v3.05 release notes:
Note that there is a significant change in how MXP works by default now. MXP is no longer parsed from a server by default unless the server negotiates the MXP telnet option. Local MXP still works by default so you can use it in scripts.

From the v3.01 release notes:
As promised, this is the first beta version of the new mapper architecture. If everything is working, then you actually shouldn't notice much difference. This was mainly a low-level architecture change and wasn't intended to impact functionality in any major way.

The map database format has been changed from Microsoft ADO/MDAC (*.mdb) to the SQLITE 3.x database (*.dbm). This provides a speed improvement to loading the mapper, and should also make it easier to get CMUD working within various Windows emulators. Except when it needs to load/convert an old mapper file, CMUD no longer uses ADO/MDAC anywhere in the program.

The big change to the architecture allows for multiple "tracking locations" on a map. Instead of the normal "blue dot", you can now define multiple locations using the #LOCATION command (go to the Help window and use Get Updates to get the latest help files that I just added). The new #WITHLOC command executes a series of commands with a specified location object. The new #TRACK command sets the location that you want to track in the map window.

The Map window and Room Properties windows each have a drop-down menu in their bottom status bar for selecting which location you want to track. In the Room Properties, you can also choose to track a specific Map window, causing the properties to update when you click and select a room in that particular map (this emulates how the old mapper worked). If you set the Room Properties to track a specific Location instead of a map, then clicking on the map will not change the room properties window location.

The Room Properties window is now dockable and can be used even if the mapper is closed. A new "compass" is added to the room properties allowing you to click on buttons to move your character in directions. The direction buttons are enabled/disabled based upon the known exits of the room. If you have other non-standard directions in the room, they are shown as hyperlinks in a list below the compass and you can click on them to send the non-standard direction command. You can also right-click on the compass arrows to add, remove, change exit links in that direction. The layout of the room properties was changed to make it more useable at smaller sizes such as when docked below the mapper.

In the mapper window, various toolbars have been created to make the interface a bit more customizeable. However, the toolbar layout for the mapper still is NOT SAVED. This feature is planned soon. The old "Level" toolbar has been moved into the new Zone toolbar. You can click on the Level indicator to enter any level value, or you can click the Up/Down buttons to change the map level. If the mapper has the focus, you can move the mouse over the Level indicator and use the scrollwheel to quickly change the level shown on the map.

Room Scripts are now converted into Class folders within a new "Map Object". The "Map Object" in your package specifies the map database name and indicates whether the map database is autoloaded. If you auto-load the map, then you can script the map even if the mapper window is not open. The "Map Object" acts like a Global Module and contains the scripts and settings for your map rooms and zones.

Each class folder can now have an Enable and Disable script that is executed when the class is enabled or disabled. The old script for a room has been copied into the Enable script for the corresponding RoomXXX class folder. Each class folder also has a Keyword value. This can be used to enable/disable multiple classes that share the same keyword. For example, when the mapper moves into Room 123, it enables any class folder with the keyword of "Room123". When you enter Zone 3, the mapper will enable any class with the keyword of "Zone3". The #T+ and #T- commands now accept a setting type of "key" to enable/disable keyword classes.

The entire low-level architecture of the mapper was changed in this version, so I'm expecting a lot of bugs and problems. The mapper is so huge and complex, it's just impossible for me to test everything myself. So I'll be relying upon beta testers to play with the mapper and report bugs. I don't plan any "quick fixes" but will collect the reported bugs and release an updated beta in a few weeks.

Future phases of the mapper will improve the mapper configuration and add various graphics options. This first version does not change any of the mapper configuration stuff (except in the rewrite of the config wizard window to use newer Delphi components). As I mentioned in another forum post, this 3.01 version is like the first remodelling of a house...the house still looks the same on the outside, but inside there are different rooms and walls. So your furniture (scripts) might show up in different rooms, but hopefully they will still work. There are lots of hooks on the walls for new features, but the major decorating of the house is still coming in the future. This 3.01 version just does the initial construction of the new rooms and walls. Hopefully I didn't leave too many gaping holes in the walls ;)

Hope you enjoy it. Please remember to create a NEW TOPIC for your posts. And please create a post even if you don't find major bugs to let me know how the mapper works with your specific map, especially if you have large maps. I'm really interested in any speed comparisons (even subjective) between the old mapper and the new mapper.

BTW, the new mapper will not touch your old *.MDB map database. So it is safe to run the new version in the same directory as your old version. If you delete the newly created *.DBM SQLITE file, that will force CMUD to re-convert your old MDAC/ADO *.MDB file into the new format. Also remember that zMapper CANNOT EDIT the new *.DBM files. You'll need to wait for CMapper to do that, and CMapper isn't planned for several months now. I know this will cause problems for a very small number of people who use zMapper to edit their maps. And no, there is no way to go backwards and convert the new DBM file back to a old MDB file.

Anyway, happy MUDding and Mapping!
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