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PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 5:16 pm   

How to report bugs -- IMPORTANT
Please read this topic before reporting a bug in CMUD.

BEFORE REPORTING A BUG: Make sure you have read the Known Issues topic in this forum. Do not report a bug about a known issue.

CMUD contains a new system for sending crash dumps and feedback into our bug tracking system. Whenever CMUD crashes, you will get a dialog box that allows you to Send the bug to us. Click the Send button and then enter your name and email address, and then the description of what you were doing when the error occured. As the last step you will have the option to include a screenshot of CMUD.

Please include as much information as possible when describing how the crash occured. The easier it is to reproduce your bug, the easier it will be to fix.

You can click the Show Bug Report to see what details about your computer will be sent along with the bug report. Your system details and the screenshot will be kept private and confidential.

You can use the Help/Send Feedback menu option in CMUD to use this same system for sending a bug report or suggestion.

Please use this new system for reporting bugs so that we can track them in our database and ensure that these bugs get fixed.

You can also post your bug report to the CMUD Beta Forum. I will be adding a feature to the forums to allow me to send a forum post into our bug tracking system so that it won't get forgotten.

You can also send email to Any email sent to this email address will be stored and tracked in our database.
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 7:24 pm   
I think it is about time to bring a link to this article back.
How to Report Bugs Effectively

To summarise:

  • Be Specific - say exactly what you did, in the order you did it. The menu option "Load" is different to Alt-L.
  • Be Verbose - having information you don't need is better than not having information you do need.
  • Avoid Pronouns - don't say "it" or "the window", it can be ambiguous.
  • Read What You Wrote - and be sure that someone else could understand it.
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