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SJ Hook

Joined: 17 Jun 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 5:01 pm   

Can't edit Room Scripts

I just started a fresh Cmud 1.24 install on my new Vista x64 Ultimate, and I cant edit Room scripts on my imported old map from zMud. I can change the script inside, but the 'save' option is disabled.
How can I change or write new scripts inside Room script box?

And second question, looks like Status line funcion have changed too, I was using in zMud mapper simple Room scripts for example like this:


#ST %ansi(bold,blue)F1->Drink.
#KE F1 {drink water}

It was very usefull, coz when I entered this specific locations with that simple script on my map, "F1->Drink" was appearing on my status line, but, its dissapear when I move to the next location (and zMud didnt remember that F1 was 'drink').
Now in Cmud when I enter that location for 50 times, I have 50x'F1->Drink' on my status line and what much worst, Cmud is remembering on EVERY locations that F1=drink. This is terrible, coz as U can see above, I cant edit my Room scripts Evil or Very Mad
Any ideas?
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Joined: 25 Sep 2000
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 8:49 pm   
Yes, as mentioned elsewhere, the mapper is not fully integrated with CMUD yet. This means that there are some user interface issues (like the save button), and that things like room scripts are not working as they should yet. In zMUD, room scripts created their settings in a temporary class that got deleted when you exited the room. So it would create the #status item in that class, then when the class was deleted the status item would disappear.

In CMUD it doesn't yet handle that temporary mapper class yet. So it's creating the status item in the current class, which doesn't get deleted when you exit the room.

These kind of mapper bugs should be fixed in one of the next couple of CMUD versions. Unfortunately there isn't any good workaround yet that doesn't involve a lot of script changes.
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SJ Hook

Joined: 17 Jun 2005
Posts: 18

PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 5:20 pm   
Thank U for such fast answer. Now I know that its not my mistake or something wrong with my old map.
So all I need is to wait a little for my 'save' button, and please dont forget about that tmp class, it was veeery usefull Smile
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