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  File Date Downloads Rating  
CMUD v3 
Chiara's MUD Client (v3.34)
20-Apr-11 72970 7.33 / 10 Screenshot
CMUD Pro v3 
Chiara's MUD Client (v3.34 Pro version)
18-Jul-11 9887 9 / 10 Screenshot
TeSSH (Telnet/SSH client) v3.34
20-Apr-11 287 10 / 10  
Map Conversion 
Convert between zMUD and CMUD maps (v1.3)
11-May-10 980 10 / 10  
CMUD v2 
Chiara's MUD Client (old v2.37)
18-Jul-11 95849 8.67 / 10 Screenshot
CMUD Pro v2 
Chiara's MUD Client (old v2.37 Pro version)
18-Jul-11 6512 7.67 / 10 Screenshot
MUD Client
16-Jan-08 348662 9.67 / 10 Screenshot
Translation Utility 
A utility program written by Rorso/Varmel to help create translations for zMUD.
4-Nov-04 1459 9.5 / 10  
Standalone mapping program
23-Sep-05 15773 7.5 / 10 Screenshot
LOTRO Map Pack 
zExplorer map for Lord of the Rings Online. (Evendim updated)
15-Jun-07 1470 Not Rated  
CMUD Help Viewer 
Help file viewer
30-Oct-08 521 10 / 10  
zMUD for Medievia 
zMUD preconfigured to play Medievia
27-Sep-05 13663 Not Rated Screenshot
Zone Copy utility 
This program allows you to copy zones between different map databases.
27-Jul-06 1969 Not Rated  
zExplorer 5 
Interactive map for online games
7-Jun-07 6293 Not Rated Screenshot
Sample SQLite Database 
Sample SQLite for testing zApp.
26-May-05 12233 Not Rated  
Sample Firebird Database 
Sample Firebird for testing zApp.
26-May-05 1655 Not Rated  
Sample ADO (MS Access MDB) Database 
Sample MS Access database for testing zApp.
26-May-05 740 Not Rated  
SQLite Drivers 
Drivers for using SQLite databases in zApp
26-May-05 340 Not Rated  
Firebird Drivers 
Drivers for using Firebird databases in zApp
26-May-05 1553 Not Rated  
PostgreSQL Drivers 
Drivers for using PostgreSQL databases in zApp
26-May-05 306 Not Rated  
MySQL Drivers 
Drivers for using MySQL databases in zApp
26-May-05 309 Not Rated  
zApp Theme Pack 
A collection of *.theme themes for zApp.
26-May-05 306 Not Rated  
KSDN Theme Pack 
A collection of *.ksdn themes for zApp.
26-May-05 285 Not Rated  
Style Converter 
Converts msstyles files to *.theme files for zApp.
5-May-07 859 Not Rated  
Theme Editor 
Editor for *.ksdn theme files for zApp. 3rd-party, unsupported.
5-May-07 351 Not Rated  
Roget's Thesaurus, U.K. 
Thesaurus based on the public domain version of Roget's Thesaurus. British spellings.
26-May-05 538 Not Rated  
Roget's Thesaurus, U.S. English 
Thesaurus based on the public domain version of Roget's Thesaurus. American spellings.
5-May-07 543 Not Rated  
US to British Autocorrections 
Auto corrections to convert American to British spellings
26-May-05 236 Not Rated  
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